No Really. Where Has The Time Gone.

After a super sweaty welcome back WOD…
Can you believe the summer is almost over? No it’s true.
August is about to give way to September, Fall is coming, traffic is going to
get worse (now that everyone and their uncle is back from vacation) and there
is a wedding just around the corner (@savannahjessie, I’m looking in your
I’ve been MIA (that’s Missing in Action for all you
non-acronym folks) for almost four weeks now and it has been a struggle. Not
being able to do the things you normally could is extremely frustrating (and I wouldn’t
wish it on anyone). Simply walking up stairs was a challenge and when you live
in a 3 story house, well that kids is the definition of an uphill battle. Still
I’m not angry, sad, depressed or regretting my decision to get this knee fixed
in the least. Short term pain (hopefully) for long term gain. I’ll come back to
the knee in a second, first, I have updates. Lots of updates. What? You thought
I was sitting on the couch eating bon-bons because mobility is a challenge.
What have I done (fingers to chin, staring into the distance)…
Ok, buckle up because here we go…
Party Time!
In a throwback to my University days, @savannahjessie and I travelled
to Madoc (passed through there with a car full of 13th Floor Peeps
in the late 90’s on the way back from Mrs. Everson’s wedding) to visit Ms. JoJo
and her fam. What a great weekend.  There
were cupcakes, BBQ, wine, potato salad (complete with bacon), beach time and
the discovery that may have changed my goto party app for all time… WALKING
TACOS! We had an amazing time, got to meet some cool new people and kick our
feet up for some much needed rest and relaxation. JoJo even recommended a
butcher shop on the way home that was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Almost worth the
drive to Belleville… Almost…
IT Boys!
Our seats were way down, but too tight with a knee that doesn’t bend…
Followed that up with annual IT Boys take Toronto evening
(no, that’s not a new gang or holiday, it’s legitimately IT Guys from the Big K
headed out to celebrate another year of hard work and success. High Fives to PK
and BC). This year involved putting up with my hobbling (and cane) as we hit
the Antler Room for dinner and Rogers Centre for a Blue Jays Game. Funny story.
The evening almost took a disastrous turn when the folks at the Antler Room
decided a second round tennis match was more important than our Women’s Rugby 7’s
playing for the Bronze Medal. After numerous excuses, they finally got it
together and we were able to enjoy the game.
The bar livened up 1000% once it came on (you are welcome) and they
narrowly avoided a social media scandal (I was in mid tweet when they changed the
channel). Side note, Rugby 7’s are AWESOME! Fast paced, hard hitting and
lightning fast. I will be watching more of this and I recommend it to you too!
I think I’m alone…
Have you ever had that feeling that you were in danger?  That something bad was about to happen. Maybe
that there was a serial axe killer nearby and everyone got the message but you.
Well as I wrap up the what we did portion of today, I will explain. While
@savannahjessie had the Ladies over working on wedding DIYs, I took one of the
hubby’s out for his birthday. We went to see Jason Bourne (Decent movie BTW)
and it was 20 minutes to show time. He went to get popcorn, I went to grab
seats.  This movie had been out for less
than 2 weeks. The theater was silent. Empty. Dark. As I sat there amid the mass
of empty seats, that creepy chill started to climb up my spine…
Everything turned out fine and @3DinTO, myself and 15 other
people took in the movie…
Honorable mention to the shipment of selfie sticks, visiting
Pedro & Dave, getting a Marriage License, SOP (booze for the wedding
permit), retirements, people moving on (workwise) and a cocktail party at
@danbalm where I got to hang out with someone I haven’t seen since high school
(great to see you Andrea).
Random Ice Cream Sundae
There will be a 10 minute intermission as we prepare for Act
II… Wait, I’m just kidding… Please keep going!
Now I have been going in to @CrossFitCanuck as much as I can
over this last month.  I resumed Coaching
2 weeks after surgery, but it was tough (and still is) because with limited
range of motion, I can’t demonstrate a lot of the movements (thanks to all
those in my classes that I have been using to demo, you guys are awesome) and
the toll of 7,000 steps is tough. Still all of this walking and work will pay
off as my leg gets stronger and I introduce new movements. While anything with
a Squat is out, there are still lots of things that can be done to help keep
the body strong and @canuckcoach has me working on most of them. Shoulder Press
and Bench Press have been top of the list (and I still have a Co-Goal with
@carmenpoole to complete a bodyweight Bench Press). There’s also Push-ups,
Pull-ups, Sit-ups galore, the Row, the Air Assault and for me a bunch of low height
step ups.
A small sampling..
@SarahBassels and @KatieAndrien have been awesome, modifying
workouts so that everyone can play and @SueAnnVanDamme and Baz even figured out
how to incorporate me into a Partner WOD.
Every day I get a little bit stronger and beside tearing callous on my
solo Pull-up WOD (ugh) it’s been full steam ahead. The Boys (@girmantitov and
@zlreyes) even got me out for a light sled drag. It’s appreciated and I can’t
wait until I’m back to full speed.
Speaking of full speed…
Let’s talk about how I’m going to get there because I got
some news this week that explained a whole bunch.  My Doctor was nice enough, but not big on
explanations or directions. No guidance on when I could start doing things, if I
needed physio or anything like that. He just explained that they fixed a tear
in my meniscus, my ACL was fine and that I should only cycle and swim (um, no).
So being the smarty pants that I am, I managed to get a copy of my OR report
and after some extensive Googling and consultations with Dr. Spin, I got the
low down. My knee was a straight up mess. That’s the long and short of it. Severe
Grade IV PF Chondrosis (on a scale of I – IV where I is not too bad), Peripheral
Tear of the Medial Meniscus, Anterior Synovectomy and a required lateral
release of the patella to improve tracking. Basically the cartilage on the back
of my kneecap was heavily damaged, it wasn’t moving well and the surfaces it
had come into contact with were also rough. This process of fixing me was a lot
more involved then I originally thought.
Back in the Kitchen…
I’ve been frustrated because of how long this recovery has
been taking (although I’ve been constantly reminded that I’m not 18 anymore). I’m
still working to get back to at least where I was before this whole ride
started. IN order to facilitate that, I’m back with @CanuckCoach working
through an Eat to Perform program.  This
time I have my head down and am following the rules (mostly). I’m logging and
weighing in and doing my best to hit my numbers.  I’m still all over the place, but I’m down 4
pounds this week alone. On the scary number front, 1lb of weight loss is equivalent
to 4lbs of pressure on the knee. So with a goal weight of
Making better choices when I can’t cook…
I will be checking in a little more regularly from now on so
hopefully the next post will be a bit shorter.
Have a great weekend!



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