The Lockdown and the Shot

It really feels like we’ve been in lockdown since the dawn of time, doesn’t it? I know it has been brutal, but we just need to persevere a bit longer (my eternal optimism). We just have to stretch a little bit more and we can get through this. Shop local, support your friends and family any way you can and just be smart. So what’s the good news? Well at least the numbers are heading in the right direction, we are getting vaccinated and the weather is getting nicer. Maybe we will have a summer yet. This lockdown is coming to an end soon… If we can figure out what color Ontario will be in next.

The Shot

So it’s been 28 days since I joined Team Astra Zeneca and got my first dose of the vaccine. Sadly I didn’t get superpowers, I can’t pick up 5G signals and I have not mysteriously acquired $1,000,000 in Microsoft shares. Life is full of disappointments. You know, I don’t care whether you are for or against getting the vaccine, that’s your choice. BUT. We are here now. The World is a raging hot dumpster fire and as citizens of the World we each have a responsibility. Get the shot (whichever is available) and let’s get back to a World where we can travel, we can sit on a patio and have beers and we can have human contact.

Staying Active

So if you made it through the soap box speech above, this is where we lighten up.  How do you stay healthy and active while everything is in various states of closure? Not easy, but there are lots of alternatives out there. For me, it’s been a slow return to running since EVLT (click here for the post), but I have been logging the miles just walking (s my partner above). Now there is always room for more and your options can include virtual classes through a gym/box or through an app (like Peloton).  Whatever you do end up choosing, just find a way to keep moving.

So as we roll into the May 2-4 weekend, stay safe and have fun.


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