Banging Into Things

#3 is the Tear…
So the verdict is in. I went back to the
McKenzie Hospital to get my results from my surgeon and if you can read the
photo above, well you know what it was. For those that aren’t practicing
orthopods, they fixed a large tear in my meniscus, cleaned up so cartilage
damage behind my kneecap and identified arthritis (great…) on both sides of my
knee. Now the arthritis was something I knew that I had (years of being
overweight, the toll that football took and various injuries), but it was nice
to find out why I was having the knee failure. Whether or not this surgery will
completely alleviate the issues remains to be seen, but once I can get moving
fully I will be better able to determine success or failure.
Time to kick back…
This last week and a bit has been very
tough. I’m not used to being unable to do things or having to ask other people
for assistance. Now @savannahjessie has been a blessing, taking care of me and
doing all the things that I couldn’t, but it’s been a little trying on her for
sure (I get grumpy when I can’t do anything. Sorry Baby). Slowly my range of
motion has gotten better, every day a little bit more, but things are still
gummy.  My work is cut out for me, I have
70 days before the big day and I need to make sure I’m in tip top shape.
 Please note the flourescent light reflecting in the blood…
Little side note. It seems that I’m clumsy.
Really clumsy. I had my stitches removed on Thursday and since then I have managed
to reopen one of the wounds twice. Holy . Sliding my leg
under the desk I hit dead center of the wound right on the corner of the desk.
The following day I was picking up a cooler and hit the same incision in
EXACTLY THE SAME SPOT. Lightning strike (same spot twice kinda thing).
Hey @Keilshammer, nice melon…
We spent the weekend being hosted by
@keilshammer and @Wardy_  at the cottage
and even though I couldn’t swim or hot tub, it was nice to be able to kick back
and relax. This week marks the return to work (@CrossFitCanuck, not regular
work). I will be focusing on accessory movements and non-knee related things.
Time to make that Bench Press climb.
Happy Long Weekend,


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