Mid-Day Squares

I’ve been on various diets and programs for the better part of two decades and one thing has always been the same. I like chocolate.  I like to snack and I am usually short of protein by the end of the day.  Now for years my go to were Cliffs Builder Bars, available from Costco and besides the 20g of protein, they were just a glorified candy bar. Among the others I’ve tried, Feed Bars (22g, $3.75/bar), Lara Bars (11g, $1.96/bar) and RX Bars (12g, $2.99/bar). Now some in that list are ‘cleaner’ than others and the price per unit fluctuates from $2 to $5 per bar depending on whether you pick them up locally or pay for shipping.

So let’s talk about how I found Mid-Day Squares.  Total accident. We were working with a nutritionist and one of my asks was a protein bar or snack to replace the Cliff Bars. He had been told about Mid-Day Squares by one of his clients and though he hadn’t tried them yet he’d checked the ingredients and they looked good. That was enough for me to order the sampler pack of six bars five Almond Crunch and one Fudge Yah and I was hooked.

Mid-Day Squares Taste

On the flavour scale, my first round with the Squares checked all my boxes. They were chocolatey without being overly sweet and the they lacked the weird aftertaste you find in some bars.  I also found that even though there were two Squares per package, I only needed one to knock the edge off my hunger. They had a smooth consistency (not counting the almond crunchy bites) and the solid chocolate top is AWESOME! When I discovered the Busta Peanut flavour, I knew I had found my snack going forward. Think of a not too sweet Reese’s peanut butter cup. They are 10 out of 10, my current favourite (I’ve tried them all) and will be on my reorder list.

Flavours and the Macros

Currently there are three choices of bars. Busta Peanut, Almond Crunch and Fudge Yah.  Each Square has the following macros, 6P 11-14C and 12F. As a bonus you get 4g of fibre and only 5g of sugar. To give you perspective, my Cliff bars had 20P 29-31C and 11-14F. They also had more than 17g of sugar per bar and less than 2g of fibre. It’s interesting that I feel almost the same level of satisfaction from the Mid-Day Squares as I did eating a whole Cliff Builder bar. Adding that the flavour doesn’t seem synthetic and you have a delicious and nutritious alternative that is clean, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, 100% organic and tasty. My favourite flavours in order listed below…

  1. Busta Peanut
  2. Fudge Yah
  3. Almond Crunch

So what’s the verdict? Well I’m a tough nut. I need a chocolate fix that doesn’t derail my nutritional plan and Mid-Day Squares fit the bill perfectly. They are Canadian made and are available in 1,500 physical stores as well as their online store middaysquares.com. The only caveat to the Squares is that they should be kept in the refrigerator.  No preservatives necessitates that to maintain freshness, but fear not, they can survive five days outside the fridge.  Now if you haven’t been able to tell, I’m super excited about this healthy chocolate option. Now a box of 12 will run you $45.48 with free shipping ($3.79/bar, which is two Squares), but with the code BERNIE10 you save 10% which brings it down to $3.41/bar.

If you have sensitivities, are trying remain within strict macros or are looking for the perfect chocolate snack… you are welcome. Try them out, use the code and enjoy some Canadian content in your diet.


***This is not a sponsored post

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