Where to Now?

You ever wake up in the morning and wonder the number of the bus that hit you? Seriously. I woke up with a racking cough complete with phlegm (sorry for the detail) and a generally body ache so complete, I could have slept for a week. Considering I had done nothing more strenuous then taking @RoRoFromMexico for a walk and having a bath, it was uncalled for. Still, bills need to be paid and jobs need to be done so another walk and then off to the Big K. The lingering question… Would there be a workout? Now I know the Open has been all consuming the last five weeks, but there has been other stuff going on. Here’s the recap.

Be Kind to Your Knees

This one has been sitting in the queue for a while. So long ago in fact that my knees were good, bad, good and then in the Open. I realized a long time ago (2016 to be exact) that my knees would never again be whole and useful. Still that isn’t carte blanche to not do work. It just means you have to play a little bit smarter. In keeping with this new motto I reduced my weights and worked really hard on setup. This helped to ensure my body was in good position and safe. Needless to say I was thrilled with the result, but not necessarily the volume. Keep that in mind if you are working back from injury or through a limitation. There are lots of different ways to get to the same end result. Oh, and be kind to those knees.

Deep in the Hole…

Now That The Open Is Done…

The last five weeks have almost solely been dedicated to the Open. Making sure that my body has recovered enough. Never stressing (during other workouts) too hard. I was still moving, but the vigor of those workouts was a little less. Now that the Open is done, what’s my plan? Well as winter finally appears to be heading out the door, the plan is to Run and Ride. I’ve mentioned previously that there is an odd sense of calm that comes over me when pounding the pavement. It’s very enjoyable and as long as I am smart about distance, shouldn’t put too much tear on the knees. I’m also the proud new owner of a Park Tool PSC-10 Bike Repair Stand. I want to try to become an expert in bike repairs, starting with my own. Saving a little cash and keeping the bikes in top riding shape.

All The Badges

Remember me talking about gamifying health and sport? You know Nike, Strava and Garmin giving you digital badges or currency for doing things (walking, running, training). Well even though most of the activities have been more along the lines of Recovery than Racing, I have been racking up the stuff. What’s the value monetarily? Zilch. What kind of fun can you have with them? Lots! Lately I have be trying to motivate people to get out and about and pick up a badge (or free marathon entry). Challenging former training partners (looking at you Brucie) to help them shake off the winter doldrums and get out. And by all accounts having a grandiose time in the process. Whatever it takes to get two feet on the floor and out the door, I’m willing to give a go.

So just to recap. The Open is over. My knees are still feeling good. The goals for this year are lots of Running and time in the saddle and I have been racking up the badges!


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