The Day After

This is it, the last WOD at @CrossFitCanuck. Sure the Open is on, sure I have a few classes left, but for all intents and purposes this is the last go. One more WOD to celebrate this community and then some time to languish on the floor, catch my breath. @CanuckCoach said I could program whatever I wanted as long as I could do the movements. That’s fair. With a full class, we had to convert on the fly to a partner WOD with double the reps and each person shooting for 50% of the work.

Getting the Lowdown

I may have been optimistic about the weights… 

Bernie’s Last Stand (40 min CAP)

600m Row
50 Deadlifts (#135/#95)
40 Hang Power Cleans (#155/#115)
30 Kettlebell Swings 
20 Pull-ups
10 Shoulder to Overhead (#175/#125)
1 Mile Run

The Process

@savannahjessie and I got the box early because let’s face it, more time is required to get this body warm enough to WOD.  With @JoanneAyote as my partner for this last hurrah we set off on a you go, I go. 600m on the Rower with about a 1m40s/500m average pace and I was feeling confident as we got to the Deadlifts. We hammered through them like butter, I added 20lbs to the bar and got 5 reps into the Hang Power Cleans before I realized that they were not happening. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to keep up to JoJo.  By the time we got out on the Run, I was STRUGGLING. Still we didn’t stop and we finished in 32m50s. 

The Aftermath

Well as predicted I needed some quality recovery time on the floor after the Run and it was glorious. I want to thank Everyone that came out to play at 930a and 1030a, it was awesome to see you and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to @CanuckCoach for the kind words in the SugarWOD post, after the WOD and for the coach’s hoodie. You are awesome and words would not be able to fully express how thankful I am that we stumbled into @CrossFitCanuck all those years ago.  It was a life changing moment. 

I also want to thank @JoanneAyote for being a great partner today and for providing the wine! She was the machine that kept us moving… Actually it was me just trying to keep up. Also to all the folks who took some time, had some wine and hung out on the turf, it was nice to chat (@tamaraallan and @mans.patel its’ been forever since I saw you guys). Hopefully I will see everyone again soon.

Thanks for the great ride!


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