I Still Fitness

Can you believe I still fitness? Crazy concept right? I mean in this digital age where if you don’t Instagram, it didn’t happen, you would expect more from BigBrnz. I have been doing things, but I have been struggling to keep up getting the words (and workouts) out of my brain and onto the blog. Well, it’s time to catch up. Here is a look at the days between the #BigBrnzChallenge release and today. Speaking of which, how is your challenge going? I’ve been trying to find time, but I’ve missed three whole days… I know, sheer disappointment right? Keep trying to find that 15 minutes to focus minute and body for every day in March.

Running Wild

Thanks to various Garmin challenges, I’ve been managing a whole bunch of KMs the last little while.  It’s been crazy (in my mind), because so far in 2020 I’ve logged 130KMs into the books. There was even some running in Calgary while we were off visiting so friends for the weekend. Aside from a soaker (watch out for lakes disguised as frozen puddles) and a road that wasn’t quite finished, the weather was great for getting outside. Have you been taking advantage of these dull dreary days? In the gym? Outside? Are you runners out there logging miles or waiting for spring?

Hanging and Holding

I also managed to find my way home to @CrossFitCanuck for some… <gasp> CrossFit. @RoRoFromMexico was visiting @CanuckCoach while we went west and @SarahBassels made some room for me in the 6am class.  I think she was worried the whole time that I wouldn’t survive the L-Sits. It’s always fun to have weaknesses exposed (not really) and the benefit of the programming is that I now have more things to work on.

3 Rounds

1-2 Skin the Cat (modified)
20s Left Leg Front to Back Skates
10s Rest
20s Right Leg Front to Back Skates
10s Rest


Reverse TABATA L-Sit (10s Work : 20s Rest)

Pistol Whip (AMRAP 10)
8 Plate Sit-ups (25lbs)
10 Push-ups
12 Modified Pistols

My Arms Hurt. These things pretending to be Abs Hurt. My Hands Hurt. On the plus side, I did get to use ACTUAL chalk while working out. What a novelty! I did manage to survive and I will be able to come back (hopefully) to play again. There has also been a push to hit the weights when I get to @MovatiAthletic (usually after a run).  I’m slowly working on building back my strength while maintaining (or increasing) my cardio and dropping (fingers crossed) some weight.

How is the first quarter of 2020 treating you? Is there anything that’s working really well and you can share? Who knows, you might motivate someone else.


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