When You Have Nothing Left

I’m OK, thumbs up…
Wednesday (August 19) – Here’s a question
for you as you read this. How do you push yourself to keep going when you
really don’t want to? Now some people use competition to drive them, others
just try and keep up to the person in front of them. I ask, because I am really
interested in seeing what drives people to keep going. Feel free to use the
comment form here or on the post in Facebook, but please take a second.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to
know. What do I do? Glad you asked. Sometimes I find it difficult to find the
fire to keep going, but I usually use the theory of making it habit. Sound
weird? I try and WOD (or workout) at the same time so that there isn’t any
question about what to do. At this time, on this day, all you have to do is put
your head down and work.  It doesn’t
matter what gets thrown at you, because you are in that ‘zone’ where you just
have to get it done.
3 Rounds
10 Goblet Squats (@25lbs)
Side Shuffle (with Kettlebell)
10 Push-ups
Tonight we were hitting an interesting
combination of movements with Back Squats and BN (Behind the Neck) Split Jerk. Even
working with relatively light weights (we were using our Front Squat numbers to
set our weights), this is still a cool combination.
10 minute EMOM
2 Back Squats
1 BN Split Jerk
***Increasing weight each round
3 Rounds
1 minute ME Burpees Over Bar
3 minutes of
5 Clean & Jerks (@135lbs)
7 Wallballs (@20lbs)
1 minute Rest
The Split Jerks felt really good and as I worked
I managed to get up to 180lbs. The Back Squats felt really good and I was
really solid on every round except the last one (foot positioning), but I was
really happy with everything as a whole. It’s been friendly competition week
with Drew so far this week.  Tonight we
were going head-to-head again with the RX weights and just like Monday it was a
close battle. He had me on the Burpees, but I just managed to edge him on the
Clean & Jerks and the Wallballs. Still thanks for the push.
Pectoral Smash (Softball)
There wasn’t a whole lot for Cash-out, as I
was feeling pretty gassed.  I did manage
to get a ProG bar into me to provide some fuel for the next session, but I’m
not sure it was enough. Dammit Beez, get your sh*t together and start packing enough
food to stay charged.
400m Run with 10lb Plate
***Every 15 steps complete 5 Thrusters
Coach Z (@zlreyes) loves making the simple
400m Run very spicy! After the Shuttles on Monday and being a little worn down,
this had me huffing and puffing. My knees and hips just did not want to bend at
all. Still, it was nice to do something a little different.  We came back in to find a ‘sandwich’ type of
workout waiting for us. The Runs were the buns and everything inside was the
meat, cheese and veggies.
WOD (20 minute CAP)
400m Run
30 Kettlebell Deadlifts (@70lbs)
20 Burpee Box Jumps (24”)
10 Push-ups
400m Run
10 Push-ups
20 Burpee Box Jumps
30 Kettlebell Deadlifts
400m Run
Rest 5 minutes
3x 1 minute Plank
I may have been here…
The meat of this had to be the Burpee Box
Jumps and they were tough to take a bite out of.  Holy crap. Getting the legs to bring you up
from the floor and then up to the top of the box. It was where I spent the bulk
of my time on this one. The Runs themselves were pretty consistent, hovering
around 2 minutes and well ahead of my ‘normal’ Half Marathon pace. I was
feeling it after this (as the photo shows) and with the heat of the last few
days, I was utterly spent. Just a giant sweaty puddle.
Hopefully I will be back to you Friday…

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