44 For The Win

@Keilshammer after the Chipper throwing up the 44…
Birthday WODs. Oi! Literally they will be the end of me.
Today we were clelebrating @humphrda birthday WOD and after reading in the feed
that it whooped him in the 6am class I was shaking. With countdown entering the
critical phase (less than 3 days), there is still packing, pushing (of a bed)
and work that still need to happen. Today might be the last WOD before the
400m Run
2 Rounds of
5 Beat Swings
10 Wallballs (@14lbs)
15 Push-ups
My arms were SHREDDED. On my first Push-up I almost face planted.
It looks like tonight is going to be tough, because there is a ton of arms. We
started off lifting every 90 seconds for 9 minutes of 1 Push Press, 2 Push
Press and 3 Split Jerk @115lbs. I could’ve gone a bit heavier, but I wanted to
protect the shoulder, especially with France coming up. Then an EMOM for 9
minutes of 4 HSPUs from the box. When the buzzer went off, my shoulders and
arms were spent. Yikes.
Masters Chipper (20 minute CAP)
100 DUs
200m Run
4 Rope Climbs
200m Run
10 Burpee Ring Pull-ups
200m Run
20 Wallballs (@20lbs)
200m Run
30 Toes to Bar
200m Run
44 Snatch (@95lbs)
This one did not go well. I got 5 DUs in and had the wire
hit my legs and went across my face and hit me in the eye. Done with DUs. Even
the Rope was a straight up jerk today and I had to settle for 8 attempts (to at
least the halfway point). I managed to get 3 Snatch in before I capped out. A
big high five to @Keilshammer (@humphrda’s WOD Partner on Team Grumpy Old Men)
who capped, but went back and finished the 44 Snatches. Very impressive.
Glute Stretch
@DeconRX Glute Stretch
Hip Stretches
Quad Stretches
Back Stretch
We were a little pressed as we had a night of mingling
planned before I leave on the jet plane. We picked up Thai and had a nice night
sitting out in the backyard with @SavannahJessie and @Wardy_.
Countdown to France = 2 Days

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