3 Minutes and 3 Sleeps

Remember me? That’s how I felt when I rolled into
@CrossFitCanuck tonight. It has been almost a week since the last time I got to
throw some plates around. Now granted I was at the Regionals all weekend and
was out for a ride on Monday, but it’s not the same. Nowhere else can you be
absolutely rocked by a workout, lay in a pool of your own sweat (and tears
sometimes) and still have a smile on your face. Also I’m in the home stretch in
the preparation for FRANCE! I’m so excited (and a bit nervous) and it will be
the trip of a lifetime.
400m Run
3 Rounds of
5 Good Mornings
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
With Squat number 1 I felt the time off. Straight after the
warm-up it was straight into ‘Squat Therapy’. It’s looking like a Squat kind of
day. First up for the #530Crew was a quick Front Squat session, lifting every
90 seconds. 4@175lbs, 3@195lbs, 2@205lbs and 2@230lbs. Those were heavy. Texas
certainly has us working hard. Right after that we moved on to deficit
Deadlifts (*Smile). Deadlifts always make me happy and today we had 10 minutes
to find a heavy double (2 Reps), with the weight sitting on 35lb plates. I
worked up pretty quickly and hit 365lbs. We were not allowed to drop the bar
and 405lbs was a no go. Since I had the weight on the bar and I and a minute
left, I went for a 1RM. BOOYA! 410lbs! New PR!
5 Rounds (3 minutes on, 1 minute Rest)
3 Power Cleans (165lbs)
6 Hand Release Push-ups
9 Squats
Happy Birthday to @girmantitov (this is his birthday WOD)
and happy belated to @humphrda. Jillian is getting serious with these weights
(geebus!). RX for this WOD is normally 135lbs, but for us it was 205lbs. I
tried to work up to it, but it was a no go. I settled in for RX+ at 165lbs.
Tonight I was steady. That doesn’t sound like much, but I finished at least 3
rounds in each of the 3 minute AMRAP. My total for the WOD was 15 Rounds + 12
Reps. I was spent at the end, but it was good to be back.
800m Run
Like I said on Monday, the Regionals recharged my CrossFit
batteries and the BWODs will be picking up the pace. Tonight we got rained out
on our Cash-out, but the #530Crew was out as a team getting it done. After
that, it was homework time.
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
30 Wallballs (@14lbs)
15 Pull-ups
Shoulder Mobility (Rings)
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
Trap Smash (Supernova)
Hip Smash (Supernova)
Glute Stretch
@DefconRX Glute Stretch (Band)
Hip Stretches
I was absolutely gassed by the time I got to the end of
this. I was a little pressed for time, but I put in a good day to the office. Literally.
Work was super today (I finished a big project), I was in a great mood as a
result and it was a great WOD. France is 3 sleeps away and Dr. Spin and I were
just working out the last details and Ventoux awaits!

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