And What Have You Done?

Photo credit to JoJo. Post AMRAPS, relaxing in the Sun.
Wednesday (June 3) – I’m not even sure how it’s possible to
be this far behind (AGAIN) in posts. I was all warm and fuzzy for having
finally gotten everything up to date, I turn around and I’m behind again.
Brutal. I’ve said it before, but I don’t know how families with young kids do
it. All those activities, dinners, school and everything seems to get done. I
blink and the wheels come off. Oh, well. Nothing left to do but get you caught
up. I promise to sit here at my current location (Port Elgin) until I have
these 3 posts finished. Deal? Good. Deal.
Not a bad spot to play catch up.
So the Ride for Heart has come and gone once again and I want
to take a second to publicly thank all those people (and companies) that
donated to Me and to Team @Keilhauer. THANK YOU. Together we raised $16,022 for
the Heart and Stroke Foundation. That money goes to help fund research in the
hopes of wiping out heart disease and stroke. We’ve also entered June, which
means we are getting to the half way point of the year. Time for a status
check. Where are you at with your goals for the year? Did you forget about them
already? Are you not quite there yet? Well, we’ve used up half of our allotted time,
so I think it’s time to get moving. Me? Well, as it stands right now I’m
nowhere near my goals. My shoulders aren’t at a point where I can even
contemplate kicking up to the wall and they are also negatively affecting my
Bench Press. Only thing I can do is keep picking away in the hopes that before
December 31st rolls around I will have at least had a chance…
On the health front, I ran the gamut of Naturopath and
Wizard this week. Dr. D has me on a few supplements to ‘hopefully’ lube up the knee
so that I can start doing things pain free. We are going to try and chip away
at my weight and hopefully the combination of these 2 attacks will be
successful. I also visited with Merlin (you all know him as Ian from
CoreStrength) and let me tell you, I am a hot mess structurally. Left leg, 1
inch longer than the right, hip rotated and tilted and finally right Tibia not
rotating. Rotating? Well, apparently when you walk the tibia rotates (inward) to
absorb the impact of walking. Mine. Stuck solid. This just added to the
degeneration of the meniscus and all the other stresses I add because of my
weight. Well, that’s a big bag of happy news. At least now that we know the
issues, we can start working on them (and boy, did we). Follow-ups scheduled
for next week to see how we did.
20 Skips
Lunge Twists (to the Rig)
5 Scap Activations
20 Skips
Bear Crawl (to the Rig)
5 Scap Activations
20 Skips
High Knee/Hip Open (to the Rig)
5 Scap Activations
I finally made it in to the #6amClass to visit Coach Baz
(@SarahBassels) and the early morning crew. It’s been tough lately with
everything going on, but I did try. We are still focusing on the Conjugate
Method and I am still loving the variety, even if I haven’t been able to make
it regularly. Today looks to be interesting with a bunch of Snatch work and
then 3 mini AMRAPs. I’m really feeling Tuesday’s adjustment so I will be taking
it ‘easy’ so that I don’t mess anything up.
Power Snatch EMOM 9 minutes


6 minute EMOM
30s MU Progressions (Green)
30s Rest
My body is still trying to figure out this new alignment and
I started feeling the strain in the last few rounds of the Snatches. By the
time I got to the MU Progressions, I just didn’t feel like I had any pop in my
hips or pull in the arms. Still, I managed to get 15 progressions done.
AMRAP 5 (5 minutes)
21 DUs
15 Push Press (@95)
2 minutes Rest
AMRAP 4 (4 minutes)
15 Deadlifts (@115lbs)
15 Hang Power Cleans (@115lbs)
1 minute Rest
AMRAP 3 (3 minutes)
12 Clean & Jerks (@135lbs)
9 Burpee over Bar
Stupid DUs. I still need more efficiency, because the DUs
took the steam out of me. The shock was making the tender knee a bit sore so I was
slow, but I kept chipping away. The middle AMRAP was AWESOME and by the time we
got to the AMRAP 3 I was almost spent. I finished 3 rounds plus 10 DUs, 2
rounds plus 15 Deadlifts and the 3 Burpees. I was steaming by the end. No, I wasn’t
mad, but my body was literally smoking in the cool morning air.

5 Deficit Pull-ups
5 Dragonflies
Back Rollout
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretches
Samson Stretch
Shoulder Mobility

We’ll have to see how quickly I recover because I’m
scheduled back on Wednesday…

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