Screw You Gravity…

The bonus of being a ‘big dude’ for nearly all my life is
that I own a set of legs that can push a whole bushel full of weight
(especially if I don’t have to venture to the realm below 90 degrees). The
drawback is that until I started @CrossFitCanuck, upper body strength was never
really important. Don’t get me wrong, I was strong, but not strong enough to
support even a fraction of my weight. Things are changing though. You have to
be a complete athlete if you want to perform well and my upper half is slowly
trying to catch up to the tree trunks. As long as I can keep putting in the
work, a Handstand (and Handstand Push-up) is just around the corner.
10 – 20m Shuttle Run (Easy)
5 Beat Swings
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
10 – 20m Shuttle Run (Medium)
5 Beat Swings
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
10 – 20m Shuttle Run (Fast)
5 Beat Swings
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Welcome back to heavy Squats and the Texas Cycle. After a
week of deloading, the Canucks are going to be lifting HEAVY.  I got to work with Sean P again today and
even got him to join me 10lbs over his original goal weight. We lifted every 90
seconds @175lbs for 10m30s. It was only 65% of 275lbs, but let me tell you, it
got heavy fast and stayed heavy. Even with the full house, the #530Crew were
all throwing around mad plates (nice job folks!). First we lift, then we get
crazy and go all out.
5 minute AMRAP
6 Clean & Jerk (@75lbs)
6 OH Lunges (@75lbs)
1 minute Rest
4 minute AMRAP
5 Squat Cleans (@75lbs)
10 Pistols (5x35lb Plates)
1 minute Rest
3 minute AMRAP
6 Shoulder to Overhead (@75lbs)
6 Burpees
1 minute Rest
2 minutes ME Pull-ups
1 minute Rest
1 minute ME 20m Shuttle Run
Ugh. Can you say not smart. Today’s limiter was the OH
Lunges and I started off ok @95lbs, but 3 reps in I felt a twinge. Took weight off
and completed @75lbs). It was quick, but for some reason my brain just wasn’t
firing and I got lazy at the end of the first 5 minutes. Only completed rounds
counted and I couldn’t fit a full round in so I stopped. WTF? Come on, Beez,
you are better then that. You keep working until the end. Canucks don’t go down
looking at the bar. The rest of the WOD was better and I battled until the end
completing 3 rounds of each of the AMRAPs, 18 Pull-ups and 10 Shuttle Runs
(Nice job on the last sprint @girmantitov).
3 Wall Walks
6 Weight Shifts
1 ME Hold
The Wall Walks were exceptionally good today and I have no
idea why.  My nose was millimeters from
the wall, shifting weight from side to side didn’t kill my shoulders and the
Holds were solid. It took some time in between rounds to recharge, but it was a
good day at the box.
5 Pull-ups
Shoulder Mobility (Band)
Knee to Wall
20m Shuttle Run
20m Back Pedal
20m Shuttle Run
20m Side Step
20m Shuttle Run
20m Side Step (other side)
20m Shuttle Run
20m Crossover
20m Shuttle Run
20m Crossover (other side)
5 Deep Squats (Rig)
Hip Stetches
Quad Stretch
Glute Stretch
Back Rollout
Trap Smash (Lacrosse Ball)
Hip Smash (Lacrosse Ball)
Lat Smash (Lacrosse Ball)
Calf/Achilles Smash (Lacrosse Ball)
Lots of mobility tonight (including some extra time to make
up for Saturday). The Shuttle Runs were an old football exercise I used to do
and I’m thinking of adding it into my BWODs to increase mobility.   With the SportingLife 10K on Sunday, I have
my training cut out for me, but that’s just the beginning. Jillian is coming
back to help jumpstart me. I’ve been fairly good, but I can be way better (I’ve
been a bread and pasta eating monster over the last 10 days). She wants my
weight in the 60’s tout de suite. I have until the end of my jet setting to get
back into a rhythm and then it’s all out.
Countdown to France = 19 Days


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