Bring a Friend to Work Day

Actually to be more accurate it, I should have titled it ‘Bring
a Friend to CrossFit Day’ or maybe ‘Bring a Friend to WOD Day’. In any case,
@CrossFitCanuck was hosting RX Your Friend Day on a drizzly and overcast
Saturday morning. Share this crazy sport, family and lifestyle with someone who
hasn’t experienced this amazing thing called CrossFit. To sweeten the deal, the
WOD would be a partner one (twice in a week?? Squuueeeeee! Yes, that is me
being excited). Split the reps between the two of you, get the work done and
have a great time doing it. BIG CHECKMARK. This is my kind of day. My lucky
friend you ask? Well @SavannahJessie decided that after watching the Open she
wanted to give it a whirl.
400m Run
PVC Work
It was a packed house so finding real estate to Warm-up was
a little more challenging than normal, but Jillian ran us through so extra fun
as she demonstrated the WOD movements to the friends. Squat Therapy? Ugh say my
hips. It was interesting to see how new people take to the movements that are
‘old hat’ for CrossFit peeps. There may have been a little nervousness to
because of the Canuck twist on some of the movements (partner hanging while
T2B/K2E are going on). I was just excited that there were no Burpee over Bar
required when changing the active partner like on Thursday night.
Bad Date (20 minute CAP)
800m Run (4x200m Alt. Weighted, Non-Running Partner ME OH
60 Thrusters (@45lbs/15lbs)
50 Wallballs (Alt. @14lbs)
40 K2E
30 Box Jumps (20”)
20 Burpee over Partner
10 Weighted Push-ups
400m Run (1x200m Alt. Weighted, Non-Running Partner ME OH
Well folks, this is what CrossFitters call a Chipper. I’m
sure the newbies won’t forget. The weights weren’t heavy, but there are things
to learn every day. For me, don’t drop a 35lb plate on an edge because there is
a chance it will bounce back into your legs. Ouch. There is also no easy way to
carry a plate while running (but that’s just me complaining). It was fun
working with my partner and we were all out for the WOD. We the CAP just as
@SavannahJessie was coming in from her last run, but we always try and finish
so I went out on my last run after time expired (and she got in another 10
lunges). We unofficially finished a little over 21 minutes and completed 100
Weighted ME OH Lunges.
CONGRATS to @SavannahJessie and all the ‘Friends’ who got
their first taste of CrossFit!
Rush home for lunch plans
I know. As @SarahBassels and @Keilshammer (who was absent)
pointed out, I skipped out on the Cash-out. We had lunch plans with Uncle Divit
and the Little Redhead from Brantford, so we had to get home and spruced. Sorry
I didn’t say goodbye Baz. I committed to add an extra 15 minutes of mobility to
Monday evening.
It was an early rise on Sunday (aided by a Triple Venti Non-Fat
Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks) to cheer on the folks running the GoodLife
Marathon (and Half-Marathon). Now our sign was ‘mostly’ accurate (there was 1
teensy uphill left) and a big high five to those who got out and pounded the
pavement including Spillary, @AmandaWagstaff and @Scorpio114.
The countdown is on for France… T-Minus 20 Days
May the Fourth Be With You,


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