15,640lbs and New Kicks

Goodbye my old friends…


So these posts are going to be coming at you a bit out of order. Not a huge deal, but just in case we get to my ride blog and you think to yourself WTF? This happened way before he got new shoes, why are we only hearing about this now. Through the joys of time management, I’m trying to write whenever a moment arises so what spills out is not linear.


New Metcon 3’s, complete with Silver Swooshes


The Shoes

First off, this was a big week. My @Reebok Nano’s (4’s I believe) have finally reached the end of their useful lives. This poses a problem as when the word CrossFit is added to anything, it can get expensive. Sadly shoes are no exception and I’ve been holding off. A sale popped up for a pair of Metcon 3’s from <gasp> @Nike and I jumped on it. These would be the first pair of Nike’s CrossFit shoes I’ve ever owned and I was a bit nervous. For the first time since 2012 I would be wodding in a pair of shoes not made be the good folks at Reebok… Result? I SURVIVED!


My partner in pain after WOD #1


In fact they were pretty comfortable and they even performed well when the reps and weights got stupid…


The Wins

It’s actually been a really good week and I’m pretty excited about some of the things that have been going on. Starting Friday (with my old Lifters), I hit the deepest/heaviest Front Squats (@135lbs) with no pain. If you’ve been following along that’s a big deal. I followed that up with Sumo High Pulls (@70lbs) with Running. Wrapped up with Wallballs (@14lbs, as deep as possible) and weighted Box Step Ups as WOD #1 for the Metcons!


First wearing…


The Weight

Wednesday was birthday WOD time and based on how I was feeling, I went full bore (with some minor tweaks. 78 Skips to open, 40 Deadlifts (@225lbs, from a 45lb plate), 24 Pull-ups (mod from Chest to Bar), 8 Shoulder to Overhead (@155lbs, mod for 205lb Cluster), 24 Cal Row, 40 Hang Power Clean (@135lbs) and 78 Skips to close. All told, I moved 15,640lbs of weight (not counting me during the Skips). It was a seriously tough one, but it felt really good to move with everyone else. Plus it was a birthday WOD so a mashup of different movements.


The Recovery

Now as I write this today, I feel really good. I’ve been at @CrossFitCanuck five out of the last six days and recovery has been spectacular. The secret? Besides lots of homemade food, I have been making sure to get a Recovery (Progenex) shake after every workout. Add in an Epsom Salt bath on three of those evenings and at least 6 hours sleep and you have an old(er) body that is performing. I’m excited to see the progress I’ve made since my last InBody Scan and to get into the Lean & Clean Challenge.



To sum everything up. New shoes. Lifted heavy. Didn’t break. Got sleep. Ate well. Had baths. Not too shabby… Anyone have any secrets to recovery that I haven’t tried yet? How do you keep performing? Drop a comment below and let’s share some ideas.



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