So, We Begin Again… From Scratch

Stretching the giant tree trunks…
Friday (October 23) – So it’s been a while.
When last we talked (or I typed and you read), I was sharing a pretty scary
event with you. Thank you to those who passed on kind words after reading that
little tidbit about fear. I’m fine. Well, fine as of right now. I haven’t had
any reoccurrence of the chest pain that sent me to the hospital and shockingly
I went to the Doctor. I’m scheduled for a Graded Exercise Stress Test in the
coming weeks to make sure there isn’t anything (bad) going on. Short of a Nuclear
Stress Test (where they use isotopes to monitor blood flow), this should
provide the data we need to find out what happened. Once I get the results back
I will share them with you and we will know how to proceed.
20 Push-ups
24 Calorie Row
50 Mountain Climbers
400m Run
50 Burpees
*So this was more of a WOD then a regular
Warm-up because some folks needed to be reminded that their parents will not be
coming behind them to clean up their mess. Hopefully the lesson was taken to
heart because just like a regular family we all have to deal with the
repercussions. When you take something out to use it, put it back where you
found it when you are finished.
Coming off of almost 2 weeks off (not
completely by choice), I was really worried. I know how my body reacts to not
doing CrossFit when on a vacation of a week, so what’s it going to do after
this layoff. Shockingly, while the cardio endurance was own noticeably, I
managed not to keel over during the Burbee bonanza. It could have been way
worse (but deep down, I know I will be feeling this tomorrow).
Texas Week 6 Day 2
12 minutes to find 5RM Back Squat
Ladder Rap (12min AMRAP)
From 0:00 – 2:59
2 Snatch (@75lbs)
4 Pistols (Step up on 24” Box, dragging
opposite toe)
2 Toes to Bar (Toes as high as possible)
From 3:00 – 5:59
3 Snatch
6 Pistols
3 Toes to Bar
From 6:00 – 8:59
4 Snatch
8 Pistols
4 Toes to Bar
From 9:00 – 12:00
5 Snatch
10 Pistols
5 Toes to Bar
I took it easy during the Back Squat
because I have missed almost all of the Texas cycle. It sucks, but sometimes
that’s the way scheduling works out. I still managed to hit 5@255lbs (just
under 80% of my 1RM) which I felt pretty good about. Tav had 2 modifications
for us today, 1 for Pistols and the other for T2B. The T2B one, was a little
awkward, mostly because I’ve had some brutal mobility in both shoulders the
last little while, but the Pistol one was great. I knew my glutes and
hamstrings would be a little worse for wear, but hopefully it will lead to an
RX Pistol. Only full rounds counted and I finished with a total of 5.
20 Core Blasters
5 Pike Push-ups (Rower)
I did a modified Cash-out because I really
wanted to focus on stretching and getting back in the Pull-up bar. It’s been a
while and I can feel my upper body strength slipping a little bit. The bonus of
a stretch filled BWOD is that it might make it easier to come back and WOD
again on Saturday.
5 Deficit Pull-ups
Neck Smash (Supernova)
Back Smash 
Lat Smash 
Glute Smash 
Quad Smash 
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
Frog Stretch
Back Rollout
Done. Done. Tired and done. Did I mention I
was done? This first day back was a bit of a challenge, but I won’t lie, I am
absolutely stoked to be back @CrossFitCanuck. It sounds weird to some people,
but there really isn’t a place (other then home with @SavannahJessie) that I would
rather be. Don’t roll your eyes. Everyone finds home in a different way. Lots
of magnesium, recovery and stretching on tap. Hopefully I will chat with you
again this weekend.


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