What No One Can Tell You

Help me out here…
Talking about someone’s weight is a bit of
a taboo subject. Most people will get their back up at the mere mention of
their weight. It’s not a pleasant conversation, ever. When I was pushing 400lbs
no one said anything about my weight. I was just a big dude. Big boned. Just
BigBrnz. Call them excuses, call it turning a blind eye or call it watching out
for someone’s feelings – it is still avoidance.  To everyone’s credit, it could be hard to
really hear what people are trying to tell you when you are “in it”. Even with
a rational person (like myself), it still might not have been a pleasant
Fast Forward…
Now that a bunch of weight is gone, the
criticism and comments have started. Why are you working so hard? Are you
stretching yourself too thin? Crossfit, really? You need to cut (insert
anything here) from your diet. You need to do this. Maybe you should do that.
You’re not doing this correctly. The weight is not coming off as quickly as it
should be, etc. etc. etc. What is one supposed to do with the comments and
opinions? I’m not sure and I don’t really have an answer, but the opinions can
be just as hard to overcome as the weight.
Be careful. Even if you have the best of
Being active in any type of way is better
than sitting on the couch. 

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