What About The Running

Post WOD Crazy Eyes…
Wednesday (August 12) – So I mentioned that
@savannahjessie challenged me to a Century Challenge on Nike Running and to
date I have absolutely sh*t the bed. Unlike the last two years where I was
training for the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon, this year I have been
avoiding the pavement. Actually that’s harsh, I have increased the number of
classes @CrossFitCanuck, but I still haven’t been able to get out for running
sessions. I have needed the rest days. I didn’t believe people when they said
it gets harder to be healthy when you get near 40, but it is sadly true. As the
clock keeps ticking, recovery is like all things in life (ok, not all, but
most), it gets harder and harder to do. I think back to my University days and
we would party 5 days straight with no worries. Today, I shudder at the thought
of back-to-back nights. The same goes for recovery and the difference from last
year to today, it just seems to take that much longer.
9 – 6 – 3 Calorie Row
9 Wallball Thrusters (@20lbs)
6 Scap Push-ups
3 Half Burpees
I contemplated skipping today in the hopes
of getting a Run in and then I saw the WOD. This is the best of both worlds,
Running and CrossFitting smashed together. Now with all the work I’ve been
trying to get in, my shoulders have been really tight and my hip has been
acting up.  This is throwing me out of
kilter (again) and I’m struggling to make sure that even though I’m getting the
work done, I’m not messing anything up. It’s a delicate balance and one I
struggle with occasionally.
Every 90s for 12 minutes (alternating)
Deficit HSPU (Box, 2x45lb Plates)
30m Sled Push (@135lbs)
WOD (20 minute CAP)
1200m Run
15 Box Jump Overs (24”)
12 Ring Dips (Purple)
9 Curtis P’s (@105lbs)
800m Run
12 Box Jumps
9 Ring Dips
6 Curtis P’s
400m Run
9 Box Jumps
6 Ring Dips
3 Curtis P’s

Curtis P 
Hang Power Clean 
Front Lunge (R) 
Front Lunge (L) 
Push Press

Everybody Jump UP!! We set out on the run
and while it was quicker then my normal ‘Half Marathon’ pace, I didn’t stop and
I felt like I could keep going for more then the 1200m. I normal run just over
a 7 minute/KM pace and today I came back inside well under 7 minutes for 1200m.
Woot! This was after a whole plethora of Sled Pushes, which really seemed to
take it out of the legs. We were counting the HSPUs and I scored a 17. I kept
moving, but I just couldn’t seem to stay ahead of the clock and when the CAP
rolled around I had completed 1 of 6 Curtis P’s.
Normally I would have advocated finishing
up, but there was nothing left in my legs. With a #CanuckLite class still on
deck (and no dinner packed), I decided to stretch on the turf (and maybe have a
little nap).
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretches
Back Stretch
Shoulder Smash (Softball)
It’s amazing to sit at the back of the box
and just to watch classes going on. It’s rare that you can find a sport (or
other activity) that is as physically and mentally demanding (at times) as
CrossFit and yet we still keep coming back (with a smile usually). Even just
watching Canucks on the platforms or others just working through their own
programs is really inspiring. Everyone is working to be better.
Sally Up 2x25lbs
Garbage Ball
10 Burpees
It’s funny how sometimes you know what is
coming and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Several weeks ago (when I
was fresher), I had mentioned that we hadn’t done Sally in a long time and
today as I heard that name, I had to smile. Smile or start crying. Sally is a
Moby song that is all about Up and Down. Squats with weights. Forever.
20 Person Makers (2x25lb DB)
(Push-up, Left Row, Right Row, Deadlift and
Push Press)
10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
Kettlebell Swings (@35lbs)
Goblet Squat (@35lbs)
Lunge with Kettlebell
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10
20m Shuttle Run
Yuck. Nothing like going from zero Running
to all the Running. It was hot and the running wasn’t fast, but you just have
to keep going.  The Lunges were the worst
part. With the right knee down it was incredibly painful. Still even after the
CAP, @paulperena and I kept going to get the work done.
Thank goodness there is a rest day tomorrow
because I am cooked. Lots of protein plus the standard post WOD recovery. I’m
keeping my fingers crossed for something easy…


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