Finally Hit The Wall

@SarahBassels is BACK!!!
Friday (August 14) – Yup, there it is
folks, the Wall. That famous obstacle that taunts, “don’t go to hard or you
will run face first into me”. Sure there are lots of things in life we have to
fight through, but sometimes we have to listen when the body says stop now or
its Netflix and ice cream for the next two weeks. The worst part is that this
little wall showed up after we welcomed back @SarahBassels to our regular (ish)
WOD program. She even made sure to put safety first and had clips on the end of
her bar.
Someone is having fun with the whiteboard…
Arm Circles
Alternating Hugs
Hip Rotations
Knee Rotations
Ankle Rotations
Coach G (@girmantitov) was putting us
through our paces tonight and it was a small class taking part. I guess a
Friday night during the summer means that the patios are calling a little
louder than @CrossFitCanuck. No lie, I would have been tempted patios, please
call a little louder next time. Lots of Snatches and a boatload of Thrusters
(yay???), let’s get going.
8 minute EMOM
Snatch High Pull
Drop Snatch
Snatch Grip Push Press
Death By Snatch
(1 in minute 1, 2 in minute 2… until
D-Tonne Nate
Thrusters (@65lbs)
Complete 2,000lbs worth of lifts
**Penalty for dropping the bar
2 MU Progressions
4 HSPU (Box)
8 Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)
The Snatch (Full) is probably still my
weakest lift and even though I doput time into it (not enough), it still feels
unnatural for me. Still I managed to work up to 100lbs and make it through
round 4 of the Death by Snatch (completed 4 of 4). D-Tonne Nate. Wow.
Thrusters. Wow. Am I the only person in the world that gets a barbell burn on
the first knuckle of their thumb while doing Thrusters? Doesn’t matter how much
chalk I use, it still shows up. Brutal and disturbingly painful when washing
your hands. I digress. I managed to finish this one in 6m22s with 2 breaks
400m Sled Drag (1/3 Body Weight)
Photo Credit: Bruce’s Mom…
This is also the last week of Phase 1 of
Canuck Lite and I was interested to see if there would be any improvement in my
Baseline time.  I was a bit punch drunk
from the #530Crew WOD and don’t remember the Warm-up, but I do know that
Baseline was all out.
400m Run
30 Squats
20 Push-ups
10 Ring Rows
It’s interesting to see what 6 weeks has
done. I felt stronger on the first part of the Run, but I was still struggling
a bit. By the time I yelled time it read 3m33s on the clock. High-Five.
Cartwheel. That’s an 18 second improvement from the first time we did this WOD.
I ran into problems though. My right knee started to really seize up (a
combination of the Thrusters, the Squats and the long week) so sadly I had to
tap out at this point.   Mobility, mobility
and more mobility.
The weekend is now scheduled rest and
hopefully I will be able to go back at it Monday when Phase 2 of Canuck Lite
starts (just like the Avengers eh?).


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