What Are You Looking At???

@paulperena and his covert selfie…
Monday (August 10) – See what happens when
you leave your iPhone unsupervised? You find random photos in your Camera Roll.
Have you ever had this happen to you? I know that @sarahbassels has. Well the
catch for these unattended selfies is that when you have a blog, these selfies
become famous. OK, maybe not famous, but your mug gets posted for the world to
see. I won’t lie @paulperena, I did get a laugh when I saw this on my phone,
nice work. I hope everyone had a good weekend, because for once,
@Savannahjessie and I had a moderately relaxing and quiet weekend (for us
anyway). When Monday rolls around, it’s out of bed before the crack of dawn to
coach, then a full day at work and closed out with two sessions
@CrossFitCanuck. Monday’s are long (but you do get to say hello to the day) and
busy so let’s get into it…

What a show Mother Nature!

2 Rounds
High Knees
5 Good Mornings (@45lbs)
10 OH Shoulder Shrugs (@45lbs)
10 Shoulder Shrugs (@45lbs)

Today was one of those weird days. It just
seemed to look for weaknesses and attack them. Whether it was the million
Burpees in the various WODs (after the million Push-ups from Friday) or the
people who went out of their way to push buttons.  Today was one of those struggles. Sometimes
it’s hard to remember to be nice because they never seem to learn. I think it’s
decided that I need to win the lottery and just do CrossFit, cycling and wine
tasting for the remainder of my time on this rock. Ontario Lottery and Gaming,
let’s make this happen.

Monster Monday
WOD 1 (10 minutes)
50 Burpees to a Target (overhead)
10 Snatch (@95lbs)
ME Snatch (@125lbs)
Rest 4 minutes
WOD 2 (6 minutes)
50 Wallballs (@20lbs)
12 Squat Clean (@125lbs)
AMRAP Ring Muscle-ups
Rest 4 minutes
WOD 3 (6 minutes)
150 Single Skips
30 Knees to Elbows
AMRAP Wallwalks

This was ugly. And very rewarding when time
expired. It was one of those where you hate doing it, you hate every rep and
you feel really proud to have completed it. Same story here. I managed 11 Reps
in WOD 1, I got stuck on the Squat Cleans (7) and hit 3 Wallwalks in WOD 3. Not
to get too rowdy about my Wallwalks, but Tavia says we always have to celebrate
our PRs and I hit FULL WALLWALKS! Chest, thighs and nose touching the wall. It
was a great day!
Hip Stretches
Back Rollout
Back Stretch
Canuck Lite has been a really great
experience for me (Thanks Tav!) and we are entering the last week of Phase 1. It
is still CrossFit, but it is different then the regular programming. Where the
barbell really forces you to apply technique, the burners of Lite get you to
put your head down and just work. I said it before, but I haven’t been able to
tell yet which one is easier.
2 Rounds
200m Run with 10lb Plate
10 Scap Activations
10 High Knees
Today we were working on the Ladies. Lite
versions of some of some of the CrossFit staples, Isabel, Jackie and Annie. Now
I haven’t talked about nutrition in a while either (both pre, during and post),
but I have fallen a bit off the wagon when it comes to fueling my body. When
Lite started, I was pretty diligent about having some type of meal between the
#530Crew and the #CanuckLite. Lately it has just been half a @Progenex Bar (the
Chocolate Caramel Crackle is super duper outstanding). I feel like my
performance is suffering and it wasn’t until I started typing this that I
realized it. Remember the body needs fuel, especially if you are going to be
hitting the Red Line.

This One’s For The Girls
Isabel (for time)
30 DB Snatch (@25lbs)
Jackie (for time)
1000m Row
45 DB Thrusters
Annie (for time)
50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10
DUs (x3 for Singles)

Abmat Situps

Originally there was a 30 minute CAP for
this, but right from the get go, my goal was to finish (and catch @paulperena
the speedster). Isabel and I parted ways after 58 seconds and Jackie and I were
done after 14m45s. I was really starting to feel the last few WODs and I was
slowly starting to labor. By the time I finished my last rep of Annie, 31m50s
had expired. It takes a lot to finish and a little bit more to finish once the
CAP has happened. A big high 5 to @savannahjessie for not stopping and joining
me on the other side of 30 minutes to get this one done.
Hip Stretches
Groin Stretch
Back Stretch

Much needed post WOD
Somehow this ended up being a really long
post (sorry, not sorry), but thank you for reading.  As always, my goal is to show you a little
bit of my world and an honest representation of the work it takes to see
See you Wednesday,


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