You Are Playing With Fire

This is SERIOUS…
Friday (July 17) – Don’t poke the Bear.
Seems like simple and straight forward advice doesn’t it? Still some, let’s
say, stupid people go out of their way to be mean and two-faced. It’s ok if you
want to do it to me, go ahead, I’m a big boy. Don’t however pick on my people. It
makes me ‘unhappy’ and you will find that I will go out of my way to return the
favor (mostly because throat punches and dropping barbells on people is frowned
upon). When I walked into @CrossFitCanuck even Tav noticed that I was spitting
fire. After treatment with @Wardy_ my hip and shoulder were feeling better, but
with CrossFit Total the WOD, I wasn’t planning on going heavy. Until I got mad…
500m Row
Now with the 1 hour class structure and
Canuck Lite to follow, I figured I would take my time and get true numbers.
Just to remind you, I had a Back Squat number (way) back in the day that was in
excess of 325lbs, buuuuttttt, it was in an era where below parallel did not
exist. In an effort to make sure that I was doing thing correctly, I took that
number off the board and have been slowly working back to a legitimate number.
CrossFit Total
1 RM Back Squat
1 RM Shoulder Press
1 RM Deadlift
295lb Attempt
During the Back Squat, my goal was 300lbs
and with the gooey hip I was doing lots of reps at the lower weights. I didn’t
start hitting singles until I surpassed my old 1RM of 260lbs. The weights kept
piling up and even though my brain said slow down, the bar felt like it was
floating. Even when I lifted the bar for the last time, I felt I could maybe
have done 10lbs more (but not without the risk of injury). I hit 335lbs which
was a 75lb PR! With a fresh Shoulder Press PR a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t
sure I would be able to improve it. Still managed a .5lb PR at 136.5lbs. I did
find some disappointment on the day.  As
the fire slowly faded, we hit the Deadlift. I really wanted to break 410lbs,
but as the weights climbed, I started to struggle. Managed to get 412lbs and
411lbs to the knee, but no further. Finished at 405lbs and a CrossFit Total of
Indian Run
OK, a little long winded in the previos
section, but lots going on and I haven’t lifted ‘heavy’ for a while. At 730,
@Savannahjessie and I hit Canuck Lite #3 for the week (woot!). A partner WOD
with ATLAS STONES!! The boys all got together and @PaulPerena partnered up with
yours truly. It was just like old times!
Odd Object Day
1000m Row (Switch every 250m)
50 Sledge Hammers (Switch every 10)
20 Rope Climbs (Alternating, Mod)
400m Farmer Walk (2x70lb Kettlebell)
20 Tire Flips + Jump Throughs (Alternating)
50 Atlas Stones (@65lbs)
10 Sled Drag (30m Sled Drag @45lbs, 30m
Can you say Posterior Chain? This was a
whole lot of fun! It was tough after the CrossFit Total, but the Atlas Stones
were so good! @PaulPerena and I finished in 31m36s and we were all out for
this.  My forearms were on fire for the
Farmer Walk. By this time I was pretty stiff and the Roll-out (post WOD) was an
This feels great… wait, no it doesn’t…
I’m interested to see how the recovery
happens after this. Enjoy the weekend!


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