Just About a Blowout

Clowning around after the WODs…
Wednesday (July 15) – What do you mean a
blowout? Did you hit a nail on the drive down the 404? Nope. Did you visit all
you can eat Mexican at Dos Amigos? Negative. My hips nearly blew out the side
of my leg in the middle of a Wallball nightmare during the early class on a
Wednesday morning.  Now let’s be honest,
Tav has been working on my hips since my first day @CrossFitCanuck, even going
as far as threatening me with Latin dance classes (thankfully it didn’t come to
that). I am not flexible and my mobility is not outstanding. Still it has been
a while since BP (Below Parallel) was discovered and things have been easier. Today
though my hip seemed to ‘tweak’ on a Wallball. We’ll have to see how this turns
5 minute EMOM
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Mountain Climbers
ME Spider Man Lunge
That warm-up. Holy. Jumping Jacks for days…
By the time the 5 minutes ticked down it was like being at the end of a WOD.
Well, 6am was certainly warm. Now you may be wondering why the early morning
class since the switch to evening WODs. I was covering the #530Crew teaching
duties so to make sure I got the required double in, well, it meant an early
Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
1 minute ME Wallballs
3 Position Snatch (Hip, Above the Knee,
From the Ground)
Burner (10 minute CAP)
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 Clean & Jerk
2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 Strict Ring Dips (Purple)
Somewhere about Wallball 30, I felt a
serious pull as I was dropping into the hole with the Wallball. It was
unpleasant. I tried to shake it and punch it out, but it slowed me down. Still
I finished with 76 Wallballs and a Snatch weight of 90lbs. I figured that I
would be ok for the ‘Burner’, but almost made a mistake going at 135lbs. the
Clean & Jerks were a challenge, but I managed to keep everything together
and finish in 8m37s.
Hip Stretches
Hip Stretch (Band/Rig)
Lat Stretch
Shoulder Mobility
Back Smash
Chest Smash
Shoulder Front Smash
With some helpful tips from Tav, I managed
to stretch out the hip. It felt ok, just tight. Overall it was a really good
morning. Got showered up and headed to the big K to fly the desk between 9am
and 5pm.
Beavers and Farmers
20 – 15 – 10 Squats
5 – 5 – 5 Dive Bombers
When the Canuck Lite class started I knew
that there was a problem. The first Squat of the warm-up I almost ended up on
the floor. OK, reconfigure the thinking. Protect the hip, but work as hard as
you can.
4 Rounds (40s On, 20s Rest)
Calorie Row
DB Man Makers
DB Lunges
BW Gauntlet (10 minutes)
1 minute Skips
1 minute Scissors
45s Mountain Climbers (Skipped)
45s Plank
30s Up/Downs
30s Push-ups
15s Atomic Sit-ups
15s Hollow Rocks
30s Push-ups
30s Up/Downs
45s Plank
45s Mountain Climbers (Skipped)
1 minute Scissors
1 minute Skips
First things, first. Booked an appointment
with @Wardy_ to have the hip and shoulder worked on. With another 2 WODs on
Friday, I want to make sure I have a good chance of completing it. It was a
tough day at the office, but there isn’t anywhere I would rather be. This is
what makes all the results worthwhile, knowing that you worked as hard as you
See you on a Friday finish.


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