Thank You For The Love

The Love

Thank You for the Love. Thanks for reaching out after my last post.  It was an emotional day thinking about the end quickly approaching. I appreciate that comments and it makes me feel really good that I have been able to help in some small way on the journey of other people. As I work to figure out my path and next personal challenge, I thought I would take a second and put some thoughts down. First, I will still be here at so you will always know where to find me. I will still be accountable to you and I hope that you will continue to find something useful reading about my health adventure. Second, I’m always here if you have questions. Drop them in a comment on a post or via one of the social platforms and I will do my best to answer you.  Finally I here to help. Just like Mr. Muldoon’s preparation for Rugby, I am available to help you get ready for that next big goal.


What, you thought this was going away? I’m retiring, not dying. There will still be a monthly challenge for those of you who want a little pump in your fitness game. Play along. Just like a WOD, they aren’t always something you want to do (movement wise), but if you do them they will help you get better. Each #BigBrnzChallenge is something you need to do in addition to your regular training. My goal has always been to help teach the body how to work when it’s tired. You are an amazing machine and are capable of more than you know, don’t let your brain hold you back. Do the challenge. Beat the challenge. Post your accomplishment.

More Nutritional Goodness

Sometimes you know you can do better and you just don’t.  Welcome to my struggle with food and specifically with food prep. Sure it takes some time, but solid food habits combined with physical activity is a recipe for success. I have not been doing that well. So in an effort to be more successful, I’m going to return to posting more about my food intake.  Not just the wins, but the losses as well (hey, I’m human). The only way to have an honest dialog about food is to actually be honest.  So you will be seeing more recipes and I will have more of ‘The Week in Food’ sections in the upcoming months.  They won’t be weekly, but I will share my wins, loses and cool food related posts. Give some of the recipes a try, they are actually pretty good <insert horn tooting sound> and some of the hacks (Hacking Dinner) can help turn up the healthy on a so-so dinner.

Once again, Thank You for the Love and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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