Listen for the Voice

Last Canuck Lite with @SavannahJessie and Coach Z (@zlreyes)
Monday (August 31) – All good things must come to an end.
Hmm. Disagree. Nothing has to really end if you don’t want it too and sometimes
there just needs to be a little break. As I sit here on the Labor Day long
weekend finally getting caught up (which sometimes feels like it’s impossible
to do), @SavannahJessie and I have finished or Canuck Lite programming cycle.
It was a really great experience and hopefully @CrossFitCanuck will be able to
offer the program again in the future. While it may have ‘Lite’ in the title,
it is still 100% CrossFit (all the movements, just focusing on areas other than
the barbell) and the two-a-days which I was on for the better part of 2 months
were an incredible tool to increase my overall fitness. Thank you to Tavia and
Coach Z (@zlreyes) for the push and the opportunity. It will be nice to have a
bit of a rest though…
3 Rounds
100m Row
2 Lunges/1 Squat to Rig
10 Beat Swings
2 Turf Sled Push
Now I’m still not 100% and the Vitamin C and Joint Pro
regime are only a week in so I still have inflammation and discomfort. As a
result I started doing the Back Squats at the prescribed weight and it felt
like I was going to buckle. Bah! Scale down, keep going.
Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
Back Squat
4 Rounds
12 Chest to Bar (modified)
9 Deadlifts (@135lbs)
6 Hang Power Clean (@135lbs)
3 Shoulder to Overhead (@135lbs)
It was my first time using the black straight bars to modify
a Pull-up type movement. I am not a fan. I see their worth and they can help
build strength, but they were so rough on my delicate hands. Haha, I kid. They
just weren’t for me, but they did give me a feel for getting my Lats engaged,
which I can hopefully translate to the rig. That will be a key if I ever want
to string together Pull-ups.
The Other 3 Girls
21 – 15 – 9
Dumbbell Thruster 
Ring Row
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Knee Tucks
30 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks
Nothing like 3 Ladies to put the night in perspective. It was hot, I was tired and it was an adventure to get finished, but the key is I got finished.  Three WODs, back-to-back in what would be a real barn burner. Get the work done, any way you can (in what turned out to be my last Canuck Lite)!
I always find it amazing how far you can push the human body
(within reason). Without any performance enhancers or growth hormone, if you do
the work the body will respond. It might not always be how you want or expect
it, it might be strength vs. inches, but it will translate. Even when you get
to that point where your brain is screaming to stop, or quit and that you just
can’t do it. You have to find that LOUDER voice that screams pick up the bar.
Move your feet. Just one more. That voice will come from somewhere (usually me
yelling it), but you just have to listen for it.


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