No One Left Behind

No idea what happened???
Saturday (May 2) – So to make up for
yesterday’s debacle, I was @CrossFitCanuck bright and early for the 1030a
class. I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it because the class and
the waitlist were both full Friday night. By 830am 10 people had cancelled. The
cherry picking of the WOD was strong today. I don’t understand why though,
because today was one of my favorite hero WODs, Victoria. Victoria was a
teacher at Sandy Hook elementary and when an armed lunatic entered her
classroom and opened fire, she threw herself between him and her students. This
was one of the first Hero WODs I ever did (at my first ever away box) and I always
had the mindset that you can never quit here, because she didn’t.
Coach Z’s Map
We had a little bit of drama before we got
to it though. @claireybearzz was in the 930a class and had a mile run to do.
When she hadn’t returned after 20 minutes, Coach Z (@zlreyes) got a little
worried and decided to mobilize the @CrossFitCanuck Scarborough Urban Rescue Mobile
Unit.  Somehow @claireybearzz nearly
ended up in Markham, but she was just making her way down Progress when the
CSURMU was setting out. Remember, don’t cross any streets and always stay with
your running buddy…
3 Rounds
Sprint (Back Doors to Street carrying, Wallball @14, Dumbell @25lbs, WB @16lbs)
10 Front Squats (with Object)
Nice one Coach Z, this warm-up was a bunch
of fun. It was different from most of the ones we usually do and gave us some
quality time outdoors (on an absolutely gorgeous day).

Every 90s for 6min
5@50%, 5@60% and 3×5@295lbs

Victoria-ish (20 minute CAP)
10 Thrusters (@75lbs)
14 Box Jumps (24”)
12 Ring Dips (Purple)
12 Burpees
27 Kettlebell Swings (@50lbs)
Tavia wants us to be fall down tired when
we get finished a WOD. No saving energy to get coffee or to make snacks, all
out, all the time to get the work done. Well, mission accomplished. I didn’t
have my best stuff today, the Thrusters and Burpees were really tough, but I
kept going. Sooner or later I will start getting my engine back. Until then, I
have to fight to just keep going.  When
time ticked down, 3 rounds plus 4 Thrusters.
It was good to be able to put in a solid
effort after yesterday and it really made me feel great. With the weather in
store for the GTA tomorrow I’m even hoping to get a ride in. The Ride for Heart
is almost here and I haven’t been on the bike yet. 75KM in a couple of weeks
and I am still short of my fundraising goal. If you are still looking for a tax
deduction, please consider sponsoring my ride.
Until tomorrow,


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