Anatomy of Failure

Find a way to get up…
Friday (May 1) – Sometimes you just cannot
win. Sound pessimistic? A little, but sometimes the odds are stacked against
you. I had no desire to do anything this morning, there had been a lot of
stressors that had all come together at 1 point and were just weighing on me.
To her credit, @Savannahjessie got me moving and out the door. I got to
@CrossFitCanuck and got started with Coach Z’s Warm-up. That’s when the
failures started. My right knee was having none of anything. It hurt to Row, to
Squat to do a Burpee. What a crappy start to the day. Could I have pushed
through? Maybe. Should I have pushed through? Probably. Did I? No.
This is where you determine if you are
going to succeed or fail. Sure I was limited by what my body was capable of
this morning, but I could have used my time to work on mobility. To stretch. To
work on a skill that didn’t involve me using my legs. I could have worked on
Ring Dips, Pull-ups, L Sits, or any number of other things. I chose not too and
for that reason, today I failed.
What I did learn was why and now that I am
aware of what and why, I will make sure that I do not fail again. In life you
will get knocked down a time or two, but what matters is what you learn and how
you deal with it. You can curl up into a ball, cry your eyes out and wait for
the Zombie Apocalypse (not to be confused with the Porkocalypse). Or… You can
pick yourself up, dust off and get back on the horse.
Me? Currently dusting off and heading to
the box Saturday morning…


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