Holy Shamrocks Batman

Like my new hat???
Tuesday (March 17) – Kiss me I’m Irish! Ok, so the posting
comes long after the green beer is gone and the rivers of Chicago have returned
to whatever color they are the other 364 days of the year, but what are you
gonna do. Figuring that life would slow down once we got back from the cruise
with everything sorted at the casa, it really hasn’t.  The feeling of being a bit overwhelmed has
been running very strongly and it is infuriating to not be able to get
everything done (especially since I want everything done right the heck now).
The good news, we are exploring variations to the morning routine that will
allow me to WOD since my evenings have been ridiculous with Coaches training,
organizing and a social event here and there. So stoked. On this green day,
@SarahBassels was getting the early morning visit!
Yes Baz, this is happening…
4 minutes
Jumping Jacks
Kettlebell Swings

Oh-oh. I’m still feeling the 1,000,000 Wallballs from the other day, today is
going to be neither quick or graceful. Graceful, now that’s bot funny and ironic.
Funny? Well, those that know me, know that I’m as graceful as the average
apartment building and ironic because this morning, we were doing Grace. 30
Clean & Jerks for time @135lbs. Yee-haw! Now this is a starter I can go
with and I did for the first 18 seconds. 5 reps, right out of the gate. Then
the motor had some troubles and the pace slowed dramatically. Still, I did
manage to PR by over 1m15s and set a Grace time of 4m34s. Yes, I will take an
am PR.

The fun didn’t stop here, a complex of 1 Snatch, 2 OHS and 3
OH Lunges every minute, increasing weight for 12 minutes. After just having
recovered from Grace, and still nursing tender legs, I was slow and my weights
stopped @70lbs. I was really having trouble sinking into the OHS and I was
getting frustrated. I still have lots to work on and it seems like I will have
to get my body used to these movements again after all the time away. You would
have thought that I would have learned by now, don’t take a break from CrossFit
because when you come back it’s like starting all over again.
WOD (15 minute CAP)
2 Rounds
20 Calorie Row
20 Deadlifts (@155lbs)
15 KBS (@70lbs)
15 Burpees over Bar
This was a hot sweaty mess. The first three movements were
great, but Burpees. Damn you Burpees. I’m just not able to get efficient because
of mobility issues and I take a beating on the Burpees. There’s no stop in me,
but ugh. The Row and the Deads were AWESOME. By the time the last Burpee was
done, 12m52s had elapsed and I was officially D-O-N-E. Quick shower and it was
off to get @SavannahJessie.
Speaking of the Mrs-2-B, congratulations to her for
organizing a number of really successfully events for the @Keilhauer Ride for
Heart Team. 50/50, Spare Change Drive and a St. Patrick’s Day Bake Sale all
helped support our team. A big ‘Thank You’ to the members of the team that
contributed sweets (and their time) to help make the events possible.  The clock is ticking towards May 31st
and the 75KM ride that I have committed to. For the first time (in a long
time), I think I might be a bit nervous about this one. Maybe I can get past
that though if you click on the link below and help support my ride and the
efforts of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Subtle little fundraising pitch
there eh? Seriously though, if you can help, it would be appreciated.
Thank You.

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