Switching Gears

Row Command Centre
Switching gears? That’s right followers,
with the Half Marathon over, Tavia has now begun my training for the Canadian
Indoor Rowing Championships with an eye on getting to the Worlds. A tall order?
Possibly. I need to shave 60 seconds off my best 2,000m time, but anything is
possible with hard work. I’m not fooling myself here, I am CERTAIN that Tav’s
program will be insanely tough and provide unbelievable returns as long as I am
strong enough (and dedicated enough) to get all the work done. Basically, that’s
all it comes down to, getting the work done.
40 Jumping Jacks
Leg Warm-up
Snatch Warm-up
Overhead Lunges
Coach D (@DefconRX) missed me last week
(actually I told him I was missing for my last run), but we are back to our
regular schedule. #530Crew is P-A-C-K-E-D which is sweet and we all had our
worked cut out for us. Welcome to Snatch Day! A 5 minute EMOM of 3 Drop
Snatches @75lbs. These are the first Drop Snatches I’ve done in months (many,
many months) and I had a kerfuffle at the bottom of one of my warm-ups. I got
to the bottom and the bar got squirrely, but the problem was I couldn’t figure
out which way to go. I dropped the bar on my leg and bounced of the 25’s and
the Kettlebells. Brutal. Another 5 minute EMOM of 3 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip
Push Press @100lbs. We finished with a 5 minute EMOM of 3 OHS @75lbs. With a
1RM OHS of 100lbs, I was pretty happy with getting to the bottom, locked out
and strong. It was lots of work, but I felt pretty good.
Shockwave (17 minute CAP)
21 Power Snatch (@95lbs)
800m Run
15 Power Snatch
400m Run
9 Power Snatch
200m Run
This was tough. I started out with Power
Snatches @115lbs, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain proper form at that
weight. I dropped down to 95lbs and went back to work. The Runs were tough and I
tried really hard to keep the pace high, but it was a challenge. I finished at
13m19s and the next 5 minutes trying to catch my breath. It was a spicy WOD,
but lots of fun all around.
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
Now the Cash-out shows up here, but I actually
did my first day of Tavia’s Row Training program. Holy smokes was it tough,
especially after a WOD.  It looks like
this might end up as a separate stream of work outside of my normal WODs.
500m Row
10/10/10/10/10 (Arms, Arms + Legs, Arms +
Legs x Slide ( ¼ , ½, Full))
5x100m Row
4x500m Row
With a pretty hectic weekend on deck
including Marlies and @little_muppet’s wedding, I’m aiming for a Run on Sunday
(and a Row) and then cooking on Sunday. The goal for the upcoming week is to
try and eat relatively clean, get some hours shadowing and figure out my Row


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