Little Things

Big things come in small packages and today (Thursday) the
@CrossFitCanuck Family got a little bit bigger. 
Iron Anne gave birth to a little girl Bronwen (sorry if I spelled her
name wrong). I have a feeling that the Reebok 2034 Games better watch out, because
Team Canuck is going to wholesale slaughter all comers.
Now there is a reason that you are seeing this post on a
Friday morning instead of right after the WOD as I normally would.  After two back-to-back days of burner, no,
burner isn’t right. How about after two days of SCORCHING WODs, my body had hit
its limits. Physically and mentally I was absolutely shredded. So much so, that
when I tried to blog last night I was unable to form coherent sentences.  I’m still trying to get rolling this morning,
but I have a feeling it will be tough slogging.
250m Row
5 Pull-ups
10 Wallball (@10lbs)
15 Lunges
10 Squats
5 Push-ups
That wasn’t so bad right? Well considering I almost passed
out on the Squats (my hips were screaming from yesterday) I knew today was
going to be tough. 6×6 minute mini WODs, no rest, all out.  I had t@Keilshammer and @girmantitov in my
group as we went through and it was a good thing, because those two machines
kept me moving.
6 Pack (Each Group is 6 minutes, No Rest)
500m Row
25 Burpees to a 45lb Plate
2 Rounds of
12 Shoulder Press (@115lbs)
12 Knees to Elbows
500m Row
25 Burpees to a 45lb Plate
3 Rounds of
20 Front Rack Lunges (@115lbs)
10 Wallball (@20lbs)
3RM Squat Clean (@145lbs)
ME Ring Dips (Green Band)
WOW. I managed to fully complete the first 3 Rounds in times
of R1-4m03s, R2-4m34s and R3-4m40s. The Row(s) were really strong for me today,
but I lost time on the Burpees. My legs just didn’t have any jump. When I got
to the Lunges I was in trouble and only completed 1 Round + 2 Lunges. I did use
a @20lb Wallball for the first time in forever and it didn’t kill my shoulder
so that’s a plus. I successfully Squat Cleaned 145lbs and then I got ambitious.
My 1RM is 180lbs and I loaded straight to 195lbs for a go. I hit 1 for a new
PR, but lost the bar (and my balance) and didn’t complete the 3RM movement.
@Keilshammer was sure I smoked my head off the wall too (it’s sore, but I don’t
think I did). I finished with 77 Ring Dips.
50 GHD Back Extensions
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 Heavy Russians (@50lbs)
Everything was difficult at this point. I knew that homework
was going to get done at some point, I’m just glad I was able to finish it
7 Pull-ups
Hip Stretches
Back Stretches
By the time I got here, I was done. I’m actually surprised I
made it home, but this is all prep for the Open. We have to learn to go all
out, especially on a day where we may not have much left in the tank. Well, one
thing is certain Jillian, I’m learning.


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