When I could move, I did…
And then out to have a sandwich…
Well the 2016 CrossFit Open is over and
even though for me it was exciting to compete in all 5 challenges at RX, I was
very exposed by 16.5. Sound strange? Well for the most part when you follow
this journey, you hear positive things. Goals achieved. Successes. Weight loss.
All of them are exciting and what I wish I could bring you every week. If that
was the case, Hollywood would be banging on my door looking for the movie
rights to the feel good story of the year. Into every life though there are
those moments where you come face to face with Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees.
Sometimes you know they are behind that door and sometimes they pop out of
nowhere to upend your day.
16.5 was a redo of 14.5. Thrusters and
Burpees till you want to puke (or in 21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 format). Now
Thrusters are brutal and Burpees suck most days, but you put them together and
you have the CrossFit version of the Half Marathon (Murph being the full
one).  Now the first time I did this one,
I had a very respectable time of 21m21s.
No stopping. Now quitting. No Problem. The redo, went in a totally
different direction. Pace, myself. Don’t burn out. Keep moving. Well, the best
that can be said is that I didn’t just pack up my gear, give the clock the
finger and leave. The weight wasn’t heavy (a surprise), but the issue for me
was air. As in I could not get any into my lungs. It didn’t matter what I
tried, I just couldn’t get enough air. The net result, 7 minutes. SEVEN whole
minutes slower than I was 2 years ago. What an utterly depressing and
discouraging result.
Bottom of the Thruster
What’s changed? Lots. I’ve put some of the
lost weight back on, I haven’t been @CrossFitCanuck as regularly as I was and
probably the most visible, I have lost some of that fire. The drive that helped
me make smart decisions, to do that homework or to work that little bit harder.
That’s life sometimes, but it will not be the definition of my life. The Open
was an eye opener (that’s a lot of opens in a sentence) and it has lit a bit of
a fire under my tail feathers.
But where is this sandwich?
Glad you asked…
The Sandwich
My birthday usually falls during the Open
and @CanuckCoach let’s me postpone my birthday WOD until we are all done. Well
after my brutal performance in 16.5, I decided it was tire for a redo of
another personal favorite. In short, it’s time for a ‘SANDWICH’.
80 Calorie Row
40 Shoulder to Overhead (@135lbs)
80 Deadlifts (@135lbs)
This was a games WOD for teens and masters
from the Games last year and @SarahBassels and I did it last summer. I had a
time to beat, a weight to beat and an in-WOD challenge from @zlreyes to help me
get up for this. Refocusing starts now. When Baz and I completed this in
August, I was working with a weight of 125lbs and I completed in a total time
of 13m50s (with a 3m27s 80 Cal). It sucked. This time around, with a bit of a
chip on my shoulder and a goal to be better then I was, I managed to complete
the ‘heavier’ SANDWICH in 12m42s (with a 3m40s 80 Cal). YES! The Row was a bit
slower because I didn’t want to be burned out when I got to the barbell. I will
take the overall improvement.
I’ve always used this blog as a way to
remain accountable and the journey while long isn’t always going to be in a
straight line. I’m not going to be set back because I haven’t worked hard
enough. So, here’s my challenge to myself and to any of you crazy enough for a
challenge. 16.5 is going to be retested. In September. By Me (and anyone else
who wants to play). I’m going to score a time that is below 21 minutes and with
luck under 20. This won’t be easy, but it will be something that forces me to
be accountable. It’s public.
OK, so there’s the what. Here’s the how. It’s
all about going back to what worked. Time to go Old-School and do the things
that I used to do and somehow got away from. Homework. Homework. More Homework. 50/50/50 GHD Situps/Extensions/Hypers. Negative Pull-ups. Work on my Beat Swing.
Mobility. Agility and last but not least, the re-introduction of the
post WOD runs. It’s time to get serious.



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