Pushing The Weight

Wednesday (Aug 5) – Squishy. Not crispy do
much, but squishy. My body is still trying to figure out what part of the
country it’s in and I am just starting to feel the ache from yesterday’s
insanity. My brain is foggy… bigtime. As I rolled out and greeted the World
this morning, I was contemplating the running challenge. The issue isn’t the
distance so much as the time. When will I find the time? Double workouts
Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the body needs rest at some point. I guess it
will be big chucks one or two times a week, but I don’t know if I can handle
much more then that. Well, the only way to figure it out is to try.
2 Rounds
100m Row (All Arms)
100m Row
Bear Crawl/High Knees
5 Good Mornings (@45lbs)
10 Straight Leg Deadlifts
Today we had a posterior chain destroyer on
tap. Sled Pushes and Sprints for multiple rounds with increases in weight.
Let’s add some Wallballs and Heavy Hang Power Cleans and we have some serious
lifting and pushing. Just for the record, the website only said 5 rounds, not
5 Rounds
30m Sled Push (@90lbs)
50m Sprint
5 Rounds
30m Sled Push (@135lbs)
50m Sprint
5 Rounds
20 Wallballs (@14lbs)
10 Hang Power Cleans (@135lbs)
Even with the walk back from the sprint to
rest and recover, this was tough. It was like a throwback to my football days
when Coach was pissed at us (for doing something stupid). Low man wins here and
the key is short, choppy steps. The Sled Pushes themselves wouldn’t have been
too difficult on their own, it was the Sprint that made it tough. By the time
we got inside, RX wasn’t going to happen (especially with another WOD), so I scaled
down. Finishing time here was 12m22s and the best takeaway was that the Power
Cleans were all done in sets of 5. Woohoo!
3 Rounds
12 Biceps Curls (@25lbs)
12 OH Triceps Extensions (@25lbs)
Nothing like a little ‘Suns Out, Guns Out’
action to make the old pipe cleaners look good in a sleeveless top.  I wasn’t going to do a BWOD, but I skipped out
on JoJo the last two WODs, so I owed some work.
3 Deficit Pull-ups
Hip Stretches
Back Stretch
Back Rollout
Have you ever had one of those days that
just doesn’t seem to ever want to end. Well today might be it. By the time we
were done, I was gassed. The whole point of hitting these extra WODs though is to
force the body to adapt. You may not want to, or feel like it, but these are
the times when you really have to give it all you have.
3 Rounds
10 Russian Baby Maker Extensions
10 Jumping Jacks
10 High Knees
50m Sprint
Now as the weeks have gone on, I have
really been enjoying Canuck Lite. It’s still CrossFit, but it’s different from
our day-to-day WODs. There isn’t anything ‘easy’ about it, don’t fool yourself.
You will work. Period. Now I’ve been on a roll recently with WODs, there’s been
Rowing everywhere! You have to love playing to your strong suits. Today included
a time trial that was a variation of the MetCon I did @TeamCuJo last week.
Time Trial (15 minute CAP)
1200m Run
1000m Row
4 Rounds
30 Abmat Sit-ups
30 OH Lunges (@10lb Plate)
30 Russian Twists (@10lb Plate)
30 High Knees
There has been a lot of running today,
lots. I got out on the Run and managed to not stop (although my pace was far
from blistering). The goal was to be able to get to the Rower and go for broke.
My finishing time was 11m08s with a 3m40s Row to close it out. I had to modify
the Mountain Climbers for High Knees and finished the second component in
I would love to say that there was another
Rollout or BWOD here at the end, but I was lucky to be able to walk. Rest.
Recover and come back at it Friday.
PS – Oh, if you have a look at the photo
tonight, I managed to cross off my first goal of 2015. With the 335lb Back Squat
a few weeks ago, the first goal on the board is history.

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