Why Would You Do That

a Mountain to Climb…
Wednesday (April 22) – Don’t drop heavy things on the new
turf.  That announcement came from a very
unhappy Tavia along with the WOD titled “It’s Not a Punishment… It’s a WOD”. My
body finally put the brakes on me doing anything Tuesday morning.  After a long day at work and at
@CrossFitCanuck, the alarm went off and I did not move. Everything was sore and
stiff, I had a killer headache (which I seem to be getting on a more regular
basis) and I knew that I would be going nowhere. Not to work and maybe not even
out of bed. Seriously??? I’ve been taking fish oil, calcium, magnesium, B100
and I’ve added curcumin every day, but nothing helped mitigate the issues. What
is the point if after 3 weeks of training I can’t get out of bed?  Turns out that it was a combination of
training, work and just life that had conspired to knock me down. An extra few
hours of sleep seemed to put everything right.
Bear Crawl
Mountain Climbers

It’s frustrating when you now you are capable of something
and just can’t do it for reasons beyond your control. I had to bail on my
original early classes and join Coach Z’s (@zleyes) 730p class. There is something
to be said about that last class of the day, there just seems to be a chilled
and laid back atmosphere.
Every 2min for 12min
2 Clean and Jerk (Squat and Split)
3x @115lbs
ME Strict HSPU, Deficit from Box
A little confusing? 2 lifts followed be max effort strict
HSPU with the remaining time every 2 minutes. Remember how yesterday I talked
about Coach Z’s help, well here was a shining example. He had me doing deficit
HSPU to get stronger and today he modified it even further. In mid ME, he
removed my abmat (safety) and made me extend the range of motion. Always finding
a way to make me put in honest effort… excellent!
WOD (15min CAP)
100 Bar Facing Burpees
**EMOM 2 OH Lunges + 2 OHS (@75lbs)
This was shades of my birthday WOD. That EMOM is the little
caveat that turns this from a ho-hum into a full out vomit inducing tour de
force. Literally I could not get enough air in to even voice the various 4
letter curse words I was thinking about. The OHS was heavy and the danger here
was falling into the never ending vortex of Lunges/OHS. I did not finish. That said
I managed to get 52 Burpees complete and about a MILLION of the EMOM. Another
weakness to work through…
Today was a mental day. Not mental in ‘oh, it was crazy hard’,
but mental in an ‘I’m fighting my body and I have to keep going’ kind of way.
Every day I will find something I can improve on and where I am limited by
mobility I will have to find other ways. Hip mobility is still an issue and
until I learn to get better I will struggle. I hate struggling. Add it to my


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