The Program

Home away from home…
Monday (April 13) – You can’t have improvement if you are
doing the same things over and over again. You just can’t. The body will always
adapt to find the easiest way to do anything. Same goes for CrossFit and today
we started the new ‘Conjugate Method’. Basically we are going headfirst at our
deficiencies that were exposed at the Open and we are going to destroy them. Unfortunately,
it means that I will be sore for the foreseeable future… Oh well this is what I
signed up for! It’s strange, most of my life (prior to living with @Keilshammer
and starting to figure this healthy lifestyle) I tried to avoid pain and the
ache that came with working out. Now, it’s a sign that I not only did the work,
but I made an effort to improve myself. It may not sound like much, but DOMS
(delayed onset muscle soreness) is a little badge of honor.
10 Jumping Jacks (at the wall)
Lunge Twist
High Knees
Bear Crawl
Burpee Broad Jump
5 Beat Swings (at the Rig)
Have I mentioned that I love morning WODs yet? Butt out of
bed, day started and a whiteboard so full of stuff to do that I might be here
all morning. One thing for sure, as athletes (and coaches), we will not be
4 minutes ME T2B
Every 90s for 9 minutes
Clean and Jerk
Back Squat

Holy moly Batman. Skill, Weightlifting and Strength and I haven’t
even touched on the WOD yet. My fingers are getting shaky just flashing back to
it. It was awesome! No time to really think or worry, just lift, get weights,
lift again. The Toes to Bar were tough and I managed to get 1 only because I used
the running at the bar approach. Call it vanity (or whatever you want), but I wanted
anything but a goose egg. My C&J weight and my Back Squat weight were the
same (150lbs) because the focus for me today was making sure I had good form
(it has been a long time since I Squatted any weight).
Ascending Ladder
3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 15 – etc…
Knees to Elbows
Hang Snatch (115lbs round 1, then 95lbs)
Burpee Over Bar

Absolutely gassed. 7 of the 12 Knees to Elbows is where I was finished and I was
bitter with my Burpees. They sucked the life out of me today. I am not efficient
in my movement and that needs to be worked on. Part of it is flexibility and
the other is the still excess weight. It’s a good thing the nose is to the
grindstone (figuratively) again. Being smarter with food and getting in regular
In fact, the only thing that currently isn’t on the up and
up is my work study. F@$K. Sorry for the negative end here, but this is about
the whole process. There just isn’t enough time to get it done and the window I
had for my first 3 exams closes at the end of May. I’ve pretty much resigned
myself to the fact that I won’t be getting them done. It sucks. I hate failing
at something, but at the same time I wouldn’t change anything in my life. Is
that weird? Upset with lack of progress but happy at the same time.  Anyone have tips for studying Computer Geek
stuff, staying healthy, eating well, sleeping enough and MOST IMPORTANTLY still
living a full life with my #1 person @SavannahJessie? Send them this way, I am
all ears…
Until Wednesday rolls in,


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