My First Chance!

Wednesday (Nov 12) – Holy moly Operation
GrandSlam is getting intense! I’m still not ready to reveal the complete state
of the operation, but rest assured it’s big. Sleep has been a bit lacking as a
result, well that and a lovely dinner at the Bistro @ 1 King West with
@SavannahJessie. Sadly my WOD schedule is still in a state of flux, but I am
Rowing and Shadowing on schedule (ish). Are you ready? Well, let’s go!
BROW (6am)
608m Row
5x100m Sprint
10×30 Calorie Row
30 Calorie Row, a whole lot of times.
Doesn’t sound too bad right? Well, let’s just say it is officially not my
favorite thing right now. On the plus side I managed to have all 10 rounds in
60 seconds or less and covered 3,347m. It wasn’t consistently a calorie for a
pull, but there were sections where it was close.
Work Day Goes Here…
50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10
***Then Between Rounds
10 Partner Ball Slams
10 Partner Wall Ball Passes
We are getting through Wendler and today we
had Deadlifts and Shoulder Press. Working with @keilshammer and Jay, we did 5
reps every 90 seconds @225lbs for 5 rounds. The weight was light, and we really
focused on good form. Shoulder Press was next and I nailed 5 reps @110lbs for 5
rounds. I took the Pause Back Squats off because the knee was still being a
jerk. Setup for the WOD and got loose.
0-4 minutes
50 DUs
15 Clean & Jerk (@115lbs)
9 HSPU (Box)
4-8 minutes
40 DUs
12 Clean & Jerk (@135lbs)
8-12 minutes
30 DUs
9 Clean & Jerk (@155lbs)
I was looking forward to  working on my DUs, but I was struggling with
the Rope. When I moved to the Clean & Jerk, my knee exploded. No pops, but I
had trouble bending it without discomfort and as soon as I loaded weight onto
it, it wasn’t working. Midway through the Clean & Jerk I tried to protect
my knee and landed poorly (tweaking my ankle). I called it right here. The
chance for injury was too great.
Big things were still on deck though.
Shadowing started right away and I watched as Tavia worked the Fundamentals
Class through the day. Then 730p rolled around and Tavia gave me the
opportunity to lead the warm-up. SQUEE! I was nervous (a bit), but I was very
excited to lead the class. I think I managed to get the movements across in a
manner that was clear, but as always, there is still work to do.
Stay Tuned!


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