We Remember

September 11th Memorial
It’s been 13 years since that fateful
September 11th 2001 when terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers
and The Pentagon. I was still working for Canada Customs and attending Ryerson
and I remember exactly where I was when I found out. Our World has changed a
lot since then, not all of them for the better. It was strange though this
year, it was like no one was talking about it. Now I’m not saying that this
tragedy needs to be dwelled on, but this is something that I think needs to be
40 Jumping Jacks
Group Warm-up
Tonight there was some serious work to get
done. We had 10 minutes to work up to a heavy Snatch Deadlift, Hang Snatch Pull
and Squat Snatch complex. I worked hard to get to 110lbs, it was heavy but I
feel good with that number. We then had a 5 minute EMOM of 2 Squat Snatch at
the same weight. After 2 Rounds, I had to drop down to 95lbs to continue, but I
had no choice as I was missing lifts. We then got setup for the Hero WOD.
33 Back Squats (Off the Rack, 10@215lbs,
15 Burpees over Bar
33 Deadlifts (@215lbs)
15 Burpees over Bar
33 Kettlebell Swings (@70lbs)
15 Burpees
There was a point during the last section
of Burpees where I contemplated ‘Googling’ heart attack symptoms. Don’t worry
Mom, it was just indigestion from the poor lunch choice I made. Sometimes you
just have to block everything out and get the work done. If it had been a
complex bar movement I would have probably stopped, but it was just a Burpee.
1x100m Sled Pull (@45lbs)
3x100m Sled Pull (@105lbs)
Thanks to @CADPRO00 for coming out to do
the Cash-out with me. Since it was Thursday I had a big gap between my class
and when @SavannahJessie is done so there isn’t an excuse to skip out, besides
the Sleds are a whole lot of fun. I didn’t go too crazy on the pulls though, because
I knew I still had a run to go.
4,240m Run
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extension
Glute Stretch
Quad Stretch
Hip Stretch
Back Stretch
Now I’m spent. I got back from the Run
(which ended up being shorter then planned) and had to complete my GHD homework
for the week. I would have been happy just to stretch, but there is always a
little more to do. I’m finding that these long runs give me time to clear my
headspace and get refocused, but there is a downside. With a pile of exams for
work (3 Microsoft exams before May) and then prep for my L1, I’m finding that
there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Anybody else ever get this feeling?
How do you manage to get everything accomplished? I could always use a few


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