Night Running

Stealth Mode… In an Orange Shirt
I’m getting a bit backed up with posts,
sorry about that. Tonight I’m going to talk about finding motivation. I’ve been
struggling with some aches and pains for the last little while, and other than
completely stop, there isn’t any way to get back to 100%. I CANNOT STOP. If I
stopped, I could fall back into bad habits and then getting started would be a
whole new struggle. Tuesday was tough. I came off of a long run on the weekend
and a very tough WOD. I didn’t feel like doing anything.
Queue the Nike Fuelband.
You might laugh. You might even scream that
it’s just Nike trying to get you to shell out more money. Is it accurate?
Sometimes. You collect ‘digital’ trophies for gaining Fuel Points. Do you get
anything for them? Nope. When you have a streak of 21 days going though and the
30/30 Trophy is in your grasp, you get your shoes on and go for a run.  That’s what it does, provide a little
reminder to get out there. Motivation is a funny thing and when you find
something that gets you moving, shout about it (after you get back from your
Tonight wasn’t a long run, mostly because
it was really late and I have a fear of running into Pepi le Pew. C’mon, you
know Pepi, the skunk from Looney Toons. I didn’t go toe to toe with him, but
when it’s dark, they’re active and you can smell that something got sprayed a
few streets over, you run for light. So it 2.55KM in 18m42s with an average
pace of 7m19s (moving time). My heart rate average was 138BPM and I maxed out
at 172. It wasn’t long, but at least I got out there and got it done.


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