Looking Purty

Baz dressed up for some ‘girly’ stuff and not happy there was a picture…
If there was ever a day that I did not want
to show up at the box, today was that day. After a week of fighting off the
cold that @SavannahJessie has been rocking, my defenses have finally succumbed
and I have the hacking cough and sore throat (thankfully not the sinus
congestion or the runny nose). Add a WOD that includes 3 Runs and Pull-ups for
days and you have a Beez that wants to throw the blankets over his head and
emerge for dinner at Copa Cabana. Side Note: Remember the time 20+ Canucks
showed up and brought Copa Cabana to their knees… Good Times. Following my own
advice, I got up and got to work.
40 Jumping Jacks
20 Straight Arm Jumping Jacks
10 Burpees (booooo)
5 HR Push-ups
5 Scapula Push-ups
Today was a choose your own adventure type
of Saturday, pick a strength component from the previous week and you have 20
minutes to complete it. I’ve seen enough Squats for a while and my Bench Press
muscles are still protesting from Wednesday, so I opted for the Clean Complex.
1 Power Clean, 1 Hang Power Clean, 2 High Hang Power Cleans and 2 Push Jerks. I
started working up and with about 5 minutes to go I hit 175lbs. The problem was
that the barbell got a bit squirrely at the top of the second Push Jerk and I
pulled something in my right trap and neck. We are finished here…
Jonny Boi
50 Abmat Sit-ups
21 Strict Pull-ups
21 Push Press (@95lbs)
400m Run
15 Strict Pull-ups
15 Push Press (@115lbs)
800m Run
9 Strict Pull-ups
9 Push Press (@135lbs)
1600m Run
50 Abmat Sit-ups
Hero WOD. It was a great push from the
#1030Crew (Shanks, Mans, Robin and Kelcie) and it seemed like this WOD would
never end. The key (as Coach G stated) was to find your marathon pace and
maintain it for the duration. The hardest part was the 21 Strict Pull-ups. They
took forever. I felt solid on the Push Press and shockingly once I got through
the first round I stopped thinking and just did the movements. Everything
seemed easier and stronger.
There was no BWOD today, but hopefully the
weather stays nice for a bike ride tomorrow. I’m also hoping to be able to kick
this cold before we head back to the box next week. 3 WODs and then off to the
West. That’s right oil country, I’m headed your way… Consider yourself warned.


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