No Starfish

Now some of you may be thinking of a dirty
connotation for the word ‘starfish’, @Keilshammer I’m looking in your general
direction, but today I mean nothing more than a poor catch. A poor catch? Yeah,
a poor catch on a Power Clean (legs wide, body resembling a starfish). For the
first time in what feels like forever, Tav is coaching the #530Crew and with a
‘pinch test’ on deck, she’s tightening the screws on yours truly. Good. Wait,
er, what. Damn. Jillian is back for an 8 week power program to get back into
the realm (weight wise) where I was last November (270lbs officially, 269lbs
the next morning).
MAT Seratus Activation
MAT Pec Activation
MAT Ankle Activation
3 Round Circuit of
High Knees
5 Squats
Side Shuttle
5 Squats
High Knees
5 Squats
Side Shuttle
Burpee Broadjump (wait, what???)
Well I guess we just found another
variation of the beloved Burpee. Ugh. Now the Squats started off poorly (with
the knee squeaking right from the start), but they seemed to get better as we
went on.  The warm-up was a throwback to
my football days at ol’ Ressurection. Today we were working the Split Jerk from
the rack and we were going every minute at 105lbs, 125lbs, 135lbs for 3 and
then 155lbs for 2. We then came back down (@150lbs) and hit that for 3 every 90
seconds. Saucy, but the whole class rocked it.
WOD (10 minute AMRAP)
Ascending Ladder
3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 15 – 18 …
Toes to Bar
5 Clean and Jerk (@155lbs) between each
I started off with my normal approach to
Toes to Bar (that would be the running start), but Tav told me to save it for
competitions. From now on it was strict T2B for me. This is where I started to
lag behind. I have shoulder mobility to work on because I am not getting very
far through the window on the Beat Swing. Well, more things to do. I managed to
get 9/12 T2B done when time ran out. I was tired and pretty frustrated, but
still motivated to do better.
2×8 Pull-ups (Purple)
2×8 Deficit Pull-ups
Shoulder Mobility
Now the BWOD actually happened during
class, but I didn’t manage to get everything done before time ran out.  I attempted to go back to it after the ‘pinch
test’, but my body was cold and I think it was prudent to come back tomorrow
and try again. The news of the day though is that while my weight is up (3lbs)
to 282lbs, my body fat percentage has decreased (again) to 13%. I don’t know
about you, but I am pretty excited about the results, all things being equal.
I will see you kids tomorrow for more
(gasp) Squats as I try to make sure I get my sessions in before heading West.

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