A Long Weekend Combo

Her First Week is in the BOOKS!
I can’t even remember the last Saturday I got to WOD on. Oh,
wait, yes I can. It was just before I flew to France and we completed the Super
Viking (*shiver*). After an evening out with KEF and Moncayo that included a
disheartening Blue Jays loss and a stop at the Toronto Temperence Society,
desire to WOD was pretty low. Still if you are going to go out and party, then
you have to get the work done the next day (regardless of what it is).
400m Run
Squat (while your partner completes the Run)
Saturdays are ‘FUN’ day @CrossFitCanuck and today was no
different. 4 mini 8 minute WODs with a 2 minute rest in between.  There’s nothing like getting to play outside
with the Stone, Tires and the Rowers. Coach Z (@zlreyes) partnered me up with
@humphrda and for the rest of the day we were pushing each other to do our
best.  The WODs were challenging, but
really, really fun.
‘Odd Day’
8 minute CAP
30 Stone Shoulders (@95lbs)
2 minute Rest
8 minute CAP
3:1 Ascending Ladder
Double Kettlebell Front Rack Lunges (2x50lbs)
Rope Climb
2 minute Rest
8 minute TABATA
Hurdle Jumps
20m Sprints
2 minute Rest
8 minute AMRAP
5 Tire Flips
15 Calorie Row
It was a tad on the warm side today and @humphrda started
heaving the Stone. I have to say, the pavement takes a beating when those
Stones start flying. I was having a great time, so good in fact that Coach Z
offered to bring out the 135lb Stone. I politely declined. I did end up doing a
medicine ball clean with the Stone which was interesting. The Kettlebells were
awkward for WOD 2, but the Rope was really working for me. I had my foot lock
working so well that I think I freaked myself out and almost bailed. They were
still challenging, but I didn’t hit the top. WOD 3 was running and jumping, but
it was WOD 4 that I was looking forward to. Flips and Rows!!
We finished the Stone Shoulders in 7m40s and got 3 Full
Rounds + 12 Lunges in WOD 2. I had some trouble going all out in WOD 3, but I
still managed to get 41 Reps in. In WOD 4, I finished 5 Rounds + 2 Calories and
I think I could have got another full round in if I had brought the tire closer
to the Rower. Oh, well, it was still an all around good effort. 
Before I send you off to do whatever you have planned for
the Long Weekend, I want to congratulate @SavannahJessie for completing her
first full week @CrossFitCanuck. I don’t know if this is something she will
continue, but she’s still speaking to me so she doesn’t hate it. Remember that
there is FREESTUFF up for grabs. All you need to do is leave a comment on the
post While You Aren’t Lifting. I have 6 Muscle Care roll-ons being offered up
by Muscle Care. You have until Wednesday at midnight.


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