This is Why We Work

Just because the Open is going on, or we’re tired, or we
partied too hard, doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to do. Just look at Coach
D (@DefconRX) who has recovered from major knee reconstruction and tonight
after everything hit Pistols on that leg for the first time. Then post WOD he
just kept hitting them (for blog photos) and then got wild and crazy curling
weight at the bottom. This is why we go through the pain (and tonight there was
a bunch), to come out on the other side and be able to do the awesome. Congrats
500m Row
2 Rounds of
10 Good Mornings (@15lbs)
10 Back Squats (@15lbs)
10 Front Squats (@15lbs)
10 Push Press (@15lbs)
When I saw today’s WOD (at 7am) I believe tears were close.
100 Pull-ups after the Quintillion (Yes, that is actually a unit of counting)
Toes to Bar attempts is just plain mean. Time to toughen up I guess. Before we
get to that though, we had some Squats to do, lots of Squats. I teamed up with
@SarahBassels for some lifting. Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes we did 5 Back
Squats @155lbs. Heavy. We followed that up with every 90 seconds for 4m30s
Front Squats @125lbs. Still heavy, but not as bad and no plates were required
(although I may have been a little wide).
WOD (5 minutes per Section)
100 Pull-ups
80 Pistols (20” Box)
60 Burpees Over Bar
40 Clean & Jerk (@135lbs)
1200m Row
Ohhhh Babbbbbyyyy!! Besides the collective groan that went
up when Coach Z (@zlreyes) announced the Pull-ups, Everyone hit this WOD head
on. It was tough, but it was all-out, all the time. I finished 33 Pull-ups (my
left hand is damaged from Saturday so these were tough and so was catching the
bar for the Clean & Jerks), 74 Box Jumps, 31 Burpees Over Bar, 14 C&J
and a 4m18s Row. I started out with the RX weight of 155lbs for the C&J,
but catching the bar was absolutely killing my hand and I was arching my back
on the Jerk (not good form).
Glute Stretch
Back/Lat Stretch
Hip Stretch
Groin Stretch
I would love to say that I completed the Cash-out or my
homework tonight, but I would be lying. There was absolutely nothing left in
the tank and my body is beat up from lack of sleep and too much celebrating. I’m
crashing early tonight and then (hopefully) headed for a run in the morning.


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