Yup, I Still Hate Tests

 Birthday Girl and Me
Welcome back, where have you been? Oh wait, it’s where I’ve
been. After a brutal stretch of stress @Keilshammer hosted some decompression
time that involved Whiskey, Philly Cheese Steak and not a thought about work.
Sounds strange I know, but I was a hop, skip or a jump away from a full on melt
down and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. So as we start this fresh week
we say goodbye to the Whole Life Challenge (and right now the feeling is good riddance).
Now the comment in the brackets might not be totally fair, but after doing the
close out test, I’m not feeling a whole lot of love towards the WLC. The
problem with a challenge like this is that my retest took place in the freezing
cold of Antarctica (Scarborough actually, but FML it was friggin frigid with a
brutal headwind). I clearly also forgot that doing the test before attempting a
WOD is just not the smartest thing, but as always, find a way to get it done.
 @Keilshammer being a good dude and clearing the road
WLC Final Test (initial score 279 with a 3m39s 1000m Row)
2 minute ME Shuttle Run (19)
1 Minute Rest
2 minute ME 5 Push-ups/10 Squats
1 Minute Rest
2 minute ME Sit-ups (54)
1 minute Rest
2 minute ME Shuttle Run (15)
1 minute Rest
1000m Row (3m49s)
Breathing is fun, I enjoy it and during the Shuttle Run I was
having trouble doing it. With the cold and the headwind it was hard getting air
into my lungs. My first run was 1 Rep better than the first time around, but
the second was 3 Reps less (I COULD NOT GET AIR). I had more Reps during the
other 2 segments and finished with an overall score of 297!! I fell off the
Rower and I did not move for a while. Wow, I’m not sure how I forgot this pain
of the first time around, but I am happy it’s over. A big THANK YOU to
@SarahBassels who came into to score my test and provided lots of encouragement
while I was ready to throw in the towel.
Now because I spent some time recovering from testing hell, I
missed the Bulgarian strength portion of today’s class and got loose for Megan’s
birthday WOD. Geebus, another birthday WOD. Alright, time to suck it up and get
WOD (25 minute CAP)
25 Power Snatch (@95lbs)
21 – 15 – 9 Reps of
Kettlebell Swings (@70lbs)
25 HSPU (Box)
That was a spicy WOD. Congrats to the whole #530Crew who all
finished this one. Even when wardrobe malfunctions happen, they don’t stop
Canucks from getting it done. I still have work to do (don’t I always?), but it
felt pretty good considering. @Keilshammer and I even spent some time working
on my HSPU. I kicked up (with some help), but it was uncomfortable. I need to
work on shoulder strength. It has been added to the list and the BWODs will be
getting spicier.

DU injury…

50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions
5 Strict Pull-ups (not in a row)
Knee to Wall
Ankle Stretches (Plate)
Deep Squats (on Plates)
Hip Stretches
It was tough sledding today and I’m actually looking forward
to my day off tomorrow. I see homemade chicken pot pie in my future. After that
it’s back to the grind. All this to get ready for the @CrossFitCanuck Birthday
Games this weekend (Our Box is turning 1!!).
Word of the Day: Spent. 


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