Core Tight… SMACK!

Coach Jillian is back!!!!! After leaving us for 10 days to
check out the left coast, check out some top shelf Cali CrossFit boxes, take
some classes and do the touristy thing, she is back and there will be no more
slacking. Now, I’m not saying I’ve (or we’ve) been slacking, but I could always work
harder (well, maybe not this week, that WLC test has done a number on me). She’s
calling all the Canucks out and making sure we are holding up our end of the
bargain. That means we all get homework now and easy will now longer be an
option. Tonight we were still being Bulgarians and we were getting ready for
some Squats.
400m Row
2 Rounds of
15 Squats
20 Good Mornings
We started out tonight working up to a heavy Back Squat, but
when we started out I figured I would just do some light squats on the some
plates. A rack opened up (Thanks #530Crew for partnering up) so I racked up and
got to play along. Now I haven’t worked anywhere near my 1RM for Back/Front
Squats since I learned that there is life below 90 degrees. My hips still don’t
like the concept of heaving weight into the hole, but they are slowly learning
(read as getting stronger). I got to 135lbs, but I was having trouble with my
form. Queue Tavia, er, Jillian and with some tips (and a couple smacks) it was
solid core, tight butt and knees wide. We moved to the Front Squat and for some
reason I was able to move up to 155lbs. Lots of learning, even when lifting and
WOD (For Time, 10 minute CAP)
20 OHS (@75lbs, on Plates)
20 Pull-ups (Purple Band)
20 OHS
20 Strict Pull-ups
20 OHS
FRUSTRATION! OHS are still tough for me, mostly because of
flexibility. I used the plates, but was still working at 75% of my 1RM and I was
still sore (list of what’s sore is getting stupid). I managed to get 11 OHS in
the 2nd group, but I was not at all happy about it. I struggled on
everything today. It’s like I was in a full on fist fight with my body. Thanks
@SarahBassels for the encouragement and keeping me centered on my form. 
50 Heavy Russians (70lbs)
So tonight was my first time doing Heavy Russians (basically
the bottom half of a Kettlebell Swing) and I have to say that I truly enjoyed
them. Annnnddd because I had done my GHD homework (insert tooting of my own
horn) I didn’t have to do the GHD Cash-out portion. Now for some reason (WLC)
my body was pretty unhappy with life so I took it easy tonight and only did
some stretching. We’ll see how tomorrow plays out.

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