Get Smart, Be Smart

 I need a shoe phone!
3 days in a row and I’m not sure I want to be Bulgarian
anymore. Well that’s just the parts of me that hurt talking, so far this new
cycle is right up my alley. Power Clean, Power Snatches and tiny jumps of joy
(well not really, my hips are still bitching about life in general). There’s a
full slate of activities on tap over the next few days (and the weekend) so I did
extra duty this week to get days (and work in), but with that and outside
stresses it took its toll. Wow, longest sentence ever. It seems like life
stress is just creeping in more and more and it’s taking a bit of the joy out
of things. Can stress slow recovery? These nagging little things are
discouraging me, not enough to ever make me want to stop, but they weigh on
you. Sorry to be all doom and gloom on a midweek posting, but things have been piling
up and just needed to get them out of my head. 
On to business.
400m Row
3 minute Ladder
Beat Swing
So let’s talk fun. #530Crew had a full schedule of Power on
deck for today (small cartwheel of joy!!). 
I’m not sure about the required time to hit the lifts (seemed long), but
after a couple of hard days it was nice to ease into things. First up, 10
minutes to hit 2 reps of @115lbs Power Snatch. OK, maybe I wasn’t super excited
to be snatching again, but I hit them quick and then started warming up for the
Clean & Jerk. 10 minutes to hit 2 reps @150lbs C&J. Now the Jerk felt
good and I focused on not dipping with my knees, but opening and closing my
hips to create the power. This still has to be one of the hardest CrossFit
movements for me, because as soon as there is weight overhead, I feel like
nothing wants to move. More work to do.
3 Rounds of 3 minutes (Plus Rest)
3 OHS (@65lbs)
3 Hang Power Clean (@135lbs)
5 Deficit Push-ups (45lb Plates)
1 minute Rest
So the scoring for tonight is reps and how many you can get
in each 3 minute section.  The lowest
count (during a round) is your score. This is where I had to be smart tonight.
With tired and sore shoulders after 3 days in a row and a 1RM OHS of 100lbs,
there was no way I could go with 1 bar. If I did, I wouldn’t be working hard
enough in the Power Cleans. So in a very small space I setup 2 bars and some 10’s
so that I could work on getting good depth. My total score 33! It basically
means that I got through 3 full rounds in each of the 3 minute sections
3x500m Row
(+/- 5 seconds = 20 Burpee Penalty)
Bring on the Row! You can see the time for your first round
and then it is covered for the next 2. I felt really solid and strong on the
initial round and I had a good solid pace. The next 2 rounds were +0.2 seconds
and -1.2 seconds. No Burpees here kids! My body wasn’t feeling great by this
point so the BWOD was stretching (Which I won’t record here) and then home for
some rest.
We’ll see if I can dig up energy for anything else, but I wouldn’t
bet a lot of $ on that,

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