Promises That Get You Out of Bed

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Day 1 – Hal Highdon Half Marathon Training

Sometimes things happen. You can’t always do
what you said you were going to do. Sometimes things are beyond your control
and other times you are just a jerk.  I
said that Tuesday was going to be a ‘Run’ day and I didn’t run. I had every
intention of doing it, but I didn’t feel like it in the morning (I’m not sure
if I’m self-conscious of getting out there or if I’m just being lazy) and an
unexpected dinner invitation (Thanks to Michelle, Dylan and Jules… Dinner was
awesome). Suddenly the alarm is going off on Wednesday morning. What to do? Is
that even a question? You said you were going to run, get out of bed. Your
virtual training partner Jess (she’s not actually virtual, she’s just in
Kitchener) is running. She’s going to leave you in the dust is 12 weeks when
the Half rolls around.

So, even though I could have gladly rolled
over and slept another 2 hours, I ran. I did what I said I would do
(eventually). I got on the treadmill and I ran. Was it awesome? Meh. I started
to tighten up about 20 minutes in, but I pushed through. Day 1 is complete.
Required mileage is in the books. I know it sounds like I’m just doing this
because I said I would, but I am genuinely excited about this challenge.  Like all things in life, starting is the
hardest part. Once I get rolling things will even out. I logged 5.45KM in
40m33s (now to be fair there was 5 minutes of walking warmup and cooldown) and
I was on pace for Gravenhurst-esque (look, I just made a new word!) pace.  My heart rate averaged 137BPM and I maxed at
161BPM. For some reason my run cadence was down at an average of 72 SPM
(strikes per minute) with a max of 84 (the goal is to average 100), but since
this is Day 1 I won’t get too bent about that. Plus it’s a great way to burn
774 calories before 7am.

Beez and the Ladies…

The #530Crew was all Ladies this evening
(and me) and we were in for a doozy tonight. 
My hips were a bit tight from this morning’s run and I was under strict
instructions from Jillian on what I would be doing tonight. It was going to be
a heavy shoulder day so I was going ‘light’ watching my footing and working on

Warm-up ‘A’
2 Rounds of
2 minutes of DUs
10 Burpee Wallballs (@10lbs)


10 Good Mornings (PVC)
10 Dislocates (PVC)
10 Split Jerks (PVC)

Burpee Wallballs? That’s it, I hate Burpees
even more now. I wasn’t sure that was even possible. OK, they weren’t actually
that bad (but I’m not saying I’m in a hurry to do them again). We had a lot of
strength work today and because of the Push Presses on Monday there were some
crispy kids in class today. First up, Good Mornings (weighted) @105lbs, 5 reps
every 90 seconds for 6 minutes. The hamstrings were SCREAMING after that. We
moved right into a new movement, Toe Split Jerks (@55lbs). It took a while to
get the hang of it, no dip, strict push and drop. Every 90 seconds for 6
minutes here too. We finished up with a Push Press – Push Jerk – Split Jerk
complex (working at 85lbs), lifting every 45 seconds for 5 minutes. It
seriously felt like it was non-stop lifting, but it was a lot of fun.

Did you catch all that?

WOD (Complete for Reps
2 minutes DUs
3 minutes Wallballs (@14lbs)
2 minutes DUs
3 minutes Muscle-up Progressions
2 minutes DUs
3 minutes Inch Worms

That was a quick spicy one. Damn Double
Unders. I’m still not proficient in them, but I worked hard and was finally
linking them together by the time we got to the third round. The Wallballs were
tough, but once I got rolling it got easier. By the time it was all over, 131
reps were in the book for me. 

25 ‘V’ Ups
50 Hollow Rocks
75 Atomic Sit-ups

By the time the 75 were done, so was
I.  My body had had enough. I stretched
out my hips and my lats and then rolled out my back. No B-WOD with the run this
morning and potentially another run tomorrow. We’ll see how the body feels in
the morning. 


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