Socks, Lunch and The Open

The Yellow Socks!

Don’t blink or you will miss them. Guess who is back at @CrossFitCanuck? That’s right, the socks are back. The yellow ones. Now these are what you might call vintage as they were a pair I got from @Deberg when I started in 2012. What’s the big deal about socks? Well it’s not the socks but what the socks remind me of.


I haven’t been to a regular class @CrossFitCanuck in months. For me it was a matter of schedule, body and convenience.  With the crazy schedules that @savannahjessie and I have, the Christmas holidays and everything going on I have been more interested in sleep instead of WODs.  I’m trying to turn that around. I made it to my first noon class and about 1,000,000 Weighted Box Step-ups. Oh and Overhead Squats. Now bearing in mind that I’m older, my body isn’t always at peak efficiency, I called back the weight and lowered the box height. That combined with 20 Speed Deadlifts @225lbs, I am feeling CRISPY (Haven’t said that in a while).

Lunch and Schedules

Look Who I Ran Into!

So I ran into Lauren on my first lunch visit and we had a very interesting but extremely brief chat. With Employers currently touting the ‘Work Life Balance’ and yet heaping so much work on Employees that it seems like a pipe dream, where do you find time to workout? The demands of scheduling practices, commuting, workload and everything else tend to leave fitness and health sitting in the back row. Lunches seem to be an ideal place if you can squeeze it in. She actually used to go to hospitals and teach stretching/mobility sessions at lunch for employees (BRILLIANT IDEA). The struggle is how do you get an Employer to see the value in this? I’m not sure yet, but ideas are brewing and we will come back to this…

The Open

This run down nostalgia lane brings me to the Open. I have skipped the Open the last couple of years due to injuries, but there’s something pulling this year.  I had a sit down with @savannahjessie and it was a difficult heart to heart. See, she has to put up with the aftermath of these Open WODs, my sore body and the copious amounts of my complaining. She wants the best for me and understands that my competitive spirit could cause me to do something foolish. Still she also sees that this is something I really miss. A part of who I am. So it looks like I will be making a return to the Open (and I am giddy with excitement).

Now having said all of this, there is one thing I should have remembered about starting over… DOMS. The Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is strong with my Quads right now. Like really strong. Like 2 epsom salts baths and a boatload of Magnesium couldn’t stop strong. Meh. I will get over it, I just wanted to complain. 

Talk to you soon,


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