Is It Really??!!?

First Class… Boardroom of the original Toronto Stock Exchange


Can you believe that January is over already? No really, where has this month gone? One minute and I’m out for a frosty run on the 1st of January and the next I’m sitting in an office late on a Monday night trying to recap everything that has gone on. Oh, you wanted to know everything? Well that would take another month, so here are the Cole’s Notes…


Unrelated to exercise, CrossFit and eating, this kid is going back to school (kinda). I know, the eyebrows are raising as you read that and wonder is creeping into your minds as you wonder what computer course I’m taking now. Well the answer is none. There have been a boatload of changes at the Big K and through the course of trying to figure out what my new roles and responsibilities are, my VP decided that I can provide the most value to the company if I take the Masters Certificate in Project Management from the Schulich School of Business. Crazy! The one proviso was that upon completion of this 18-week program I attempt to obtain the PMP credential. Challenge accepted! So far it has been unbelievably interesting and unbeknownst to me I had seen a lot of the theory while taking my B.Comm at Ryerson and in managing projects already.  The days are very long though and it is a lot of knowledge I need to cram into this giant cranium. The setting is pretty cool though as our first class was held in the original boardroom of the Toronto Stock Exchange (see above).


Box Wallballs (image courtesy of @eriqueleung)


Now along with all this learning I’ve been making a solid attempt at my CrossFit Comeback. Now let me temper those words before you get too excited. Now while I am back trying to fit in with the new #530Crew, I am limited… Big Time… With the state of my knee since that @sshat did surgery on me, it is doubtful that I will ever be able to fully squat again (or at least without a knee reconstruction which I am currently not willing to attempt at the tender age of 41). Still there are no excuses and CrossFit can be adapted to anyone (as exampled by me using a box to work on Wallballs). It is frustrating as all get out because the things I used to love like the Rower or Deadlifts are just on the edge of possible and I have to really be careful to ensure I don’t put undue or uncontrolled load on the joint. Ugh. Still work is work and I am feeling strong again. I’ve done Back Squats, Clean & Jerks and more Hang Power Cleans then I’ve done in my lifetime. Heck, I even set a new PR by with a Hang Clean of 215lbs (which is close to my full Power Clean PR of 225lbs). When my cardio eventually catches up it will be a fun year. A special thank you to the Coaches who have let me jump into their classes on short notice and use all of the equipment/floor space in order to play along.




Going hand-in-hand with a return to @CrossFitCanuck and the side work I’m doing at home on the spinner is the diet/food component of life.  @SavannahJessie and I have been working pretty hard to make sure we have lunches made (or at least purchased from @PowerCleanMeanls). It’s been tough and there has been the occasional slip or two when a Domino’s Pizza order is what the Doctor ordered, but overall it’s been leaps and bounds better. Still time is always against us (as I’m sure it’s against most people.  By the time you get done work and hitting the gym, the desire to stand in front of the stove is pretty small and after a busy week, I would rather socialize on the weekend then meal prep. The key to success going forward will be to make the time and have healthy snacks and lots of protein to stay full (Cliff Builder Bars have been a favorite so far). Oh and don’t forget the myriad of vitamins and gallons of water. OK, maybe not gallons, but liters for shizzle…


Is that everything? Not by a long shot, but the next one will be a little tough to write…


Pin Head


So there are lots of things people don’t talk about. Lots. That is a truth. Not sure where this is going?  Me either. But I have lots of things floating around in this brain that don’t always make sense. Stay with me. Did you notice that picture of me looking like a pin cushion? Thinking to yourself WTF? Well @savannahjessie and I are trying to start a family. OK, but you’re thinking ‘what’s the connection?’. Well so far it has been a challenge.  It’s frustrating. It’s frustrating to me and it’s been very frustrating for my Wife who has to bear the brunt of tests, pills and various other ‘indignities’.  Gents, we have it easy. Very easy. Aside from one test, there isn’t much else we can do (other than try and be supportive and helpful) during this process. Just another proof of how amazing the Ladies are. Still we are game to think outside of the box and we visited @energytreeanne for some fertility related acupuncture (along with some for stress, digestion…) and heaps of good advice. I highly recommend if you’re in the Toronto area that you check out the services that she can provide. There. I shared. I’m still working at being more open, so I hope this provides some insight into Life. When you are growing up you never hear stories about people who are faced with challenges conceiving, but as we have gone on this journey I’ve started to realize that we aren’t the only ones and that there are just as many couples who face difficult roads as there are that face easy ones. It’s been very helpful to talk about it with some folks who have faced challenges, thank you for sharing with us.


OK, what else? Still with me?


Random School Lunch (and yes, that is a Sprite… Pay no attention to the dessert)


Let’s switch gears and talk Goals. Goals for 2018 in particular. Please don’t confuse these with resolutions, this is all about you and what you want to accomplish in 2018. I have no idea what I want to do for 2018… Yet. In previous years, I’ve had a focus, Chicago Marathon, BW Bench Press or Scotiabank Half Marathon, but this year… nothing. I’ve had some thoughts, Ride to Conquer Cancer, a return to the Ride for Heart or something along those lines, but nothing is speaking to me. I have some time scheduled with @canuckcoach so hopefully I will have an idea soon, but rest assured there will be something…  Pick a goal. State it publicly and let’s all make 2018 outstanding…


Guess who’s back… Back again…


That’s right! The Monthly Challenge is baaaacccckkkk!!! Are you as excited as I am? Of course you are, the air of excitement is palpable. I got away from the Challenge mid-summer last year due to time constraints and poor management on my part. Believe it or not, it’s tough to come up with fun things to do that push people. Push too hard or too far and people won’t do it. Well with January out of the way it’s time to get back to pushing ourselves and in order to do that, here is the Challenge:



3,000 Sit-ups in the Month of February (and a big Gold Star if you get finished before the 20th)



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