Warm-up The Biceps

Wednesday (October 7) – So remember that
time when one of my goals was a body weight Bench Press? Well 2 things have
happened, my body weight has gone north and my Bench Press has gone south. Not
surprising because I have been lax on my WOD schedule, but it is still very
upsetting. Sometimes you have to get taken apart before you can be rebuilt. There
is still 3 months left to go in the year, so there is still time (and let’s be
honest, there is always time) to change. Today it was an early morning visit
with Coach G (@girmantitov) and some Texas Deload (ie, no Squatting).
3 Rounds
15 Wallball
10 Push-ups
10 Beat Swings
So… I was gassed after the warm-up (not a
good sign ever) and I was still feeling various bits and pieces of my body
complaining because they were a) Tired, b) Old or c) Both. I jest. It was just
early and I was a bit blah this morning. Still with Thanksgiving coming up and
tickets to see the Blue Jays (read as, beer and stadium food), I really need to
get moving again. Plus, without something (mostly WODs, but also Runs, Cycling
or Yoga) I become a right crusty person.
Every 2 minutes 10 minutes
1) ME Bench Press (@165lbs)
2) ME Ring Dips (Purple)
Ascending Ladder  (1, 2, 3, 4…)
Thrusters (@95lbs)
So I was working a bit below my 75% and it
was a good thing I was because I don’t think I would have made it very far. The
165lbs was heavy and I was struggling to get to 5 reps each round.  The Bench followed by the Ring Dips was
really, really tough.  A quick break and
right to the AMRAP (which looked ok on paper). About round 6 you start to feel
it and re-evaluate. I made it to 8 Rounds plus 4 Thrusters when time ran out.
Now with a late class and the ol’ 9-5
looming, there wasn’t time for too much else. There was a quick rollout to try
and loosen up my back, but that was it. Shower and get out the door.


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