Sweating Lotus

I wasn’t this pretty…
Monday (October 5) – That’s right, a
sweating lotus am I. It was round number 2 at @hotyogatnt (Bikram Richmond
Hill) and I was feeling a little bit better about this trip then I was about
the first one. The element of not knowing what to expect made it a little
tougher to enjoy the experience for what it was. This time, I knew the heat was
coming and the goal was to just work as hard as I could (mobility issues
aside). I did as @SavannahJessie instructed, lots of water and no food after
430p. Well, as long as you don’t count the cupcake on the way to Yoga, but I
did have lots of water…
Besides the heat, I seemed to have a better
understanding of the movements that were coming and how to modify the ones that
I had trouble with. I worked hard on my breathing and while I couldn’t manage a
toe lock or supporting all of my weight on my head, I worked every stretch as
long and deep as possible. The amount of sweat produced was still epic, but I
guess that’s the side effect of Bikram.
I still have questions regarding yoga as a
whole. The stretching. The heat of Bikram to loosen the muscles. The breathing.
I get all of those things. I still don’t understand how it can be relaxing
(mostly because I’m usually worried about falling on my face), but maybe that
to will come in time. All of these things will hopefully translate into better
mobility during all aspects of life and CrossFit.


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