So, About That Challenge…

1 bar going up (nice pull @arboristriley) and 1 coming down…
Tuesday (September 8) – In a time long ago,
at a cottage far away, 2 inebriated CrossFitters decide that they should see
who could do Grace faster. Great idea right? Well it was until one of them
aggravated his shoulder and decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. Rain Check.
Issued. Rain Check, collected tonight. I’ll come back to that in a minute
though, first let’s talk about the Before & After…

Before – I want to go home. I feel
terrible. I am in the middle of my first cold in forever, I have no energy and I
just want to eat 10,000 calories of deep dish pizza and sleep. @SavannahJessie
has CrossFit Endurance, so I will need to cool my heels for a bit anyways. In
walks @missade3. Wait, what? It’s not Monday. You are here for a WOD? Oh no.
It’s Tracey’s birthday WOD. Maybe it will make me feel better? Should I? Why am
I even asking, I’m already in the change room. This should be interesting.

3 Rounds with Partner
Wall Squats with Foam Roller
10 Mountain Climbers
Bear Crawl
How did I get talked into this? We’re 3
minutes into the warm-up and I can’t breathe and I’m sweating like I stole
something.  Keep going, everything should
loosen up in a second. Well the 5 minute EMOM of 2 Hang Squat Cleans sealed the
deal, I will only be doing the birthday portion and not the 1RM Back
Squat.  My knees have been starting to
slowly feel better and now isn’t the time for max load.
Tracey’s Birthday Sprint
27 Deadlifts (@185lbs)
6 HSPU (Box)
27 DUs
27 Abmat Sit-ups
27 Power Cleans (@185lbs)
Well that was heavy.
Everything went along smashingly until I
got to the Power Cleans. Those were slow and they were heavy. I could barely
breathe (not because of the cold, that felt good) and every time the bar hit
the ground I was chasing it down.  11m08s
to finish this little sprint… well everything up to the Power Cleans was a
sprint. Happy Birthday Tracey!
1 of the 2 times I ended up like this today…
And then it happened…
I was walking off the damage this WOD had
caused when who comes in with a great big smile on his face. @arboristriley for
the win! It looks like Grace is actually going to go down tonight (I was
hopping he forgot, not really, but kinda). OK bro, let’s do this.
30 Clean & Jerks (@135lbs)
Not bad, head through…
It’s always nice to attack a WOD with a
plan. You know, string 5 together, rest, string another 5 etc… 3 reps in, Plan
A goes out the window. Let’s just keep moving and try to beat my old time. It
was a pretty even contest as we were matching reps pretty consistently, but the
flurry at the beginning and the end made the difference. I managed to just edge
out @arboristriley with a time of 3m39s, taking over 60 seconds off of my best Grace
time. SWEET!!!!! Once we could move again, we decided that this would be a good
benchmark to see how we were doing (fitness wise). See you for a redo in 2
Glute Stretch
Hip Stretches
Back Rollout

After – It’s funny how a something positive
can alter your mood. I worked hard an got a good time and then as a bonus I managed
to edge @Keilshammer’s time as well (there was some trash talking on the
weekend). As a bonus, physically I felt better as well. I could finally breathe
through both nostrils and even though I could still feel the cold, I felt
really glad that I managed to suck it up and play.

The schedule this week is still up in the
air, but the goal is to make it at least 3 days every week from here on in. We
are shifting our schedule from evenings to mornings, but it might take a little
bit of time to make the shift. It’s tough to get out of bed sometimes.


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