More New Things

Blazing Fast Feet
Thursday (September 10) – Well so far September has been
filled with new things and Thursday marked another first for me. My first
@CrossFitCanuck Weightlifting Class. From the evolution of Thursdays when it
was just @CadProOO and I being led by @DefconRX in our almost 1-on-1 CrossFit
classes. I watched as lifters came in following the regular class. It evolved
from @PlatformAssassins to a scheduled weightlifting class and finally to
Canuck Barbell. Still, even watching these very gifted lifters slamming bars, I
never experienced these unique classes. That all changed today.

Before – I’m nervous. I don’t know what to expect and I really
don’t want to suck. Suck might be a bit harsh. Like everyone I have lifts that I
am better at then others and while I’m always working on improving them, it is
never fun to have weaknesses exposed (especially in front of others).

10 Squats
Bear Crawl (Gym Length)
5 Push-ups
Broad Jump
10 Squats
Inch Worm (Gym Length)
5 Push-ups
Broad Jump
10 Squats
Twisting (Gym Length)
5 Push-ups
Broad Jump
Gym Length
5 Duck Walk (@35lb Bar)
2 Squats
Well that was intense. Coach G (@girmantitov) was leading
today’s weightlifting (it was his first too!) and the warm-up had me sweating
buckets. No doubt about it, definitely warm. Similar to a CrossFit class, there
is a list of work and we had an hour to work through it. Thanks to @CadPro00
who is a regular and partnered up with me to get through everything. It was
just like old times!
Not bad, need the elbows up more…
Strict Press
4×4 (@120lbs)
Hang Clean + Jerk
60% 3+1
70% 2+1
80% 1+1
68KG (149.914lbs) 1+1
Good Mornings
4×4 (@125lbs)
What a cool class. The work on the Hang Cleans was pretty
cool and something that I don’t normally get to work on. @CadPro00 even showed
me the charts to convert Kilos to Pounds (woohoo, no more Google). He even came
close to hitting a PR on his Clean and Jerk. The whole energy for the class was
amazing and I think that I will definitely have to do these more often.

After – Comfortable. So comfortable and happy with the work
today and the people I got to do it with. Just a warm feeling (and not just
from my screaming hamstrings).

Friday will be a play it by ear kind of day. There is a lot
scheduled for work and depending on how it goes will determine the workout plan
for the day. Eating this week has been really good and I hope that I can keep
it up. On a housekeeping note, I want to congratulate @savannahjessie for
winning last months’ running challenge. I had trouble logging the kilometers
and she got out and did the work. Congrats!



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