Fruit by the Foot… LIES!!!

The Happy Couple
Monday (May 25) – What a weekend. After celebrating the nuptials
of @lilkimmie77 and @robdconway, there was a LOT of drinking and maybe a bit of
eating going on. The couple had an absolutely gorgeous day to be married at
Eagle’s Nest, surrounded by LOTS of friends and family. Thank you so much for
having @Savannahjessie and I be a part of your special day. You both looked so
happy and we wish you a lifetime of love. The poutine bar was definitely one of
my favorite points of the evening, topped only by catching the garter (#43) and
being able to spend time with so many awesome people.
Now, let’s talk about trying to recover from this by making
it to @CrossFitCanuck on Monday morning. The only thing that got me out of my
warm bed and to the box was the promise of Fruit by the Foot. I WAS DECEIVED.
Apparently in CrossFit, Fruit by the Foot isn’t some delicious sugary confectionary
that children all over North America bug their parents for. No, it is a WOD.
Well, since I’m already here…
200m Row
DB Shoulder Press
I feel like there was more to this, but somehow either I forgot
to take a picture of the board or I accidentally deleted them. Hey, it happens
to us IT Geeks too (every decade or so).
16 minute EMOM (alternating)
b)9-12 Strict Pull-ups
Fruit by the Foot
3 Rounds for time
30 Calorie Row
20 Power Cleans (@95lbs)
10 OHS (@95lbs)
5 HSPU (Deficit Box)
This WOD was tough and with a 15 minute CAP, I’m pretty sure
the only reason I finished was because in the grand scheme of WOD, Deficit HSPU
from the Box are waaaaayyy easier than Strict HSPU. Still, I am super excited
that I managed to finish a WOD as programmed for a change. It has been
literally FOREVER since that has happened. I’m also really happy with my Row,
59sec, 1m07s and 1m17s for the 3 Rows in that order. Not too shabby (horn
blowing). The OHS were a bit wonky (stance too wide and knees collapsing to
compensate), but the Power Cleans were good and I managed to hit them 5 at a
time. Overall I finished in 13m47s.
Now apologies to JoJo this week, but B WODs and Homework
have been pretty thin. Thin as in non-existent. I must have said it a dozen
times, I miss the GHD (and I never thought I would say that). Sue and Tav are
confident that it will be here soon and we got a new improved model too (it
doesn’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to adjust the distances). No
excuse though and as I get rolling again (having seen Dr. Dunk (a Naturopath)
and scheduled to see Ian (Wizard and MAT Jedi)), hopefully I can get back to
regular movements soon.
I’m not sure how the schedule is going to unfold this week,
but with the Ride for Heart, Sunday and judging at WeLift on Saturday I might
not get anything else in. We’ll see…


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